Paint Stud Horses for Breeding

Stud horses for breeding

Explore Paint Horses Stallions on America's largest horse marketplace. Pre-printed breeding certificates are sent to stallion owners whose Paint, Quarter Horse or thoroughbred stallion has bred one or more mares. For breeding requests EMAIL US! logo_JohnSimon.

Stallion Breeding Report

Although this is an easy to complete document, it provides valuable information to help make sure that the family trees are correctly captured. It is the stud owner's way of telling which broodmares have been subjected to his stud in each breeding year. The breeding statistic is an efficient indicator of activities for the next year.

A prolific breeding period represents a wholesome race. Even though the date of the stamp ends on November 30th, the division asks the stallions to email early. First come, first served" reporting ensures that those who send a full and detailed reporting will get their pre-printed breeding certificate in time. Incorrect reporting or imprecise charges are delaying the print of the certificate.

The date for colts that stand south of the aquator is on or before 31 May of the breeding year. Pre-printed breeding licenses are sent to stud holders whose Paint, Quarter Horse or thoroughbred stud has produced one or more broodmares. This certificate contains the information about studs and broodmares as well as the breeding data.

The stud holder only has to filly the document and pass it on to the studholder. Before the pre-printed breeder certification programme, a high proportion of partial or false certifications were submitted. It is important to remember, however, that stud holders are not obliged to use the pre-printed forms.

State the name and number of each filly that has been bred to your stud, regardless of whether the filly has been bred or not. Horse breeders should include all Paint, Quarter Horse or thoroughbred broodmares. The Quarter Horse and thoroughbred stud holders only need to register the Paint broodmares that are abandoned to their sires.

In the case that the exhibited filly is a Paint filly whose entry has not yet been concluded, you must be able to recognize the filly by her father, her mother and her work order number. Add the appropriate "breeding method" to each filly. Grazing can be registered as the first date on which the filly was put out to graze and the date on which it was taken out.

Sperm data should be given as the date of actual collection of the filly, not as the date of dispatch. The broodmare keepers must provide this information to the studkeeper. The first and last days of breeding should specify the specific stages of the breeding process: fetus transfers, manual rearing and in vitro mating.

Please note the following points when completing a stud report: Do they contain full and precise information about each of the mares mentioned, as well as data and breeding year? Make sure that the proper signatures appear on the message. If a third person stands the stud, only the registered stud holder or authorised representative can subscribe to the certificate.

In the event that the horse is sold during the breeding period, each holder is obliged to provide a record of the breeding during his possession. When this is the first breeding period for the stud, make sure that the stud registration fees are paid. The QH/TB sires must present a studbook.

Also keep in mind that the horse's genetic material must be on record.

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