Paint Thoroughbred Cross Horses for Sale

Colour thoroughbred crosshorses for sale

PAINT Dixie is a safe and healthy gypsy home. A thoughtful and responsible thoroughbred gelding. It is a cross worth repeating again and again. TOBIANO CHOCOLATE TRI TOBIANO colt by Homozygous Pinto Father for sale. The colt is a cross of Swedish warmblood, Percheron Quarter Horse.

ross Thoroughbred horses for sale

CALM, STRAIGHTFORWARD SHOW FIGHTER OR EVENTS BROCHURE! "Apocalypse " is a 6 year old OTTB- gelding from Kentucky, who is in practice since one year, the last race..... The DANCER - 12 year old thoroughbred Gelding, educated for hunters with outstanding show-jump ability..... Mélot is a wonderful fillingy with great blood lines.

They love attentiveness, neckties, baths, and..... Buckskin filly for a June 2019 filly. Loading, binding, guiding, bathing, seen by a blacksmith since weaning. "Lacey " is an extraordinarily well broken filly, suited for most people. FOR MORE OF THIS HORSERACING AND OTHERS GO ON WWW.


We have reduced our breed programme and offered this beautiful animal for sale in order to prepare for our move.

We have reduced our breed programme and offered this beautiful animal for sale in order to prepare for our move. There is no horseman to carry on his training, so he is marketed as "started". And I think he'll be successful at any sports field.

"Mac " is a seasoned showman, event man and foxger. Several years ago I was selling this stallion to an older lady. And when she couldn't take good charge of him, she just sell him back to me. I now renounce the use of saddle horses and offer them for sale to another "special" house.

That is a notation she sent with the horse: "Mac is a lovely animal and has no habit - good around the shed, good around dogs/dogs, leashes, cross-connections, etc.". This is a Superbumper. "This is a great all-rounder. The Irish Sport Horses fillies are a 1/2 thoroughbred, 1/4 Paint and 1/4 Irish/Clyde cross.

Very calm and well educated, she should, like all her brothers and sisters, offer an outstanding view of exhibition, versatility and fox hunting. Chrom would also be a great sport horse for broodmares. "This is a classical thoroughbred cross sport horse. It owes its height and posture to the Irish Draught/Clydesdale, the physical capacity, the motion and dizziness of whole blood (it is only a hint of less than 1/2 whole blood) and the striking colouring of the colour tobacco (Charley's Tru Image).

I' d thought that he would be my next all-round jumping, fox hunting and "Usin' horse", but I already have too many to rid him, so he will be on sale now. He is half-brother and sister to a who' s who in equestrian....A Grand Prix jumping rider (Ohio), an "A" race show hunter (NC), an top class California based prospect (sold to a customer of Denny Emerson), two show jumping athletes in practice (Ohio) and a low class competitor, Pet (Kansas).

EVERY one of these horses, including Foxhunt and ALL, is amateurised. SOLD!!!!! She' s for sale without her 2012 filly. $750 to negotiate for an outstanding, ONLY brood mare, at home. Presently in-bred by Seattle Blues (ISH stallion) for 2012 pinto Irish Sport Horse guarantees foals.

A broodmast that looks like a warm blood and gives birth to superb colour and sport horse kittens that often ripen over 17 years. She' never had a single-coloured filly before. She is one of the best broodmares we have ever had....easy to raise, has a direct filly, is a simple guardian and is an awesome mum.

In 2009, in additon to her own filly, she even took in an abandoned filly and fed them both until they were weaned after six month..... and kept their own form. Selling to West Oklahoma as a Jumper/Event brochure! Selling it to Wisconsin as a show hunter!! 17.1 Hand (barefoot!!!!) Surefire is a well-bred thoroughbred (Mr. Prospector/Affirmed), which we purchased with the intention to raise him after the deaths of Jagged Illusion with our colored thoroughbred broodmares and Irish sport horses.

Also as a stud - who towers above all other horses - he was always friendly enough to graze with other wallachs and is always a gentlemen in a middle-aisle stables with horses on all sides. He' s got the bones of an lrish mare, but is maneuverable, gracefully, well poised and a great move.

He' s ready and likes the attentiveness and would become a marvellous show jumper, event rider or fox hunter. Selling to California, Thoroughbred!! She is a full sibling of " Proof Positive " and has the same potentials as her sibling. She is a large pacing, very sporty filly that should ripen near 17 arms or more, but has the charm and physical capacity to outdo herself in every sport and then be an advantage for a stud program....with the added benefit of having Sabino/overo gene sounds.

SALE to Ohio!!!!! Sells as Open Jumper brochure to Ohio. SALE to Ohio!!!!! Sells as a 3 year old to the owners of her 1/2 brothers "Stanley" as a show and fox hunting brochure. Sells it to Iowa' s Home Showhome! What is ARE Irish Sport Horses about?

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