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Deals has many high quality warmblood horses for sale in Australia. Recent news Great week-end for Superman offspring! Congratulation to Melinda Rechichi and her adorable stallion Kenlock Sylvestro By Kenlock Superman (Imp Old), who placed fifth out of 40 uneven ponies in the 1.05m at the Beaudesert Show this week-end and made doubles free jumps. Congratulation to James Harvey, who takes part in the Farm World Expo with Kenlock Superman (Imp Old) and wins the 1.

20m category.

Congratulation to the new owner of Kenlock Skywalker (By Kenlock Indian Sky) and Kenlock Le.....

Sempatico, Art Deco

the Hall of Fame

Eleite American Warmblood SocItto Horse Assoc 2015 mating fee: Please note: Please check our breed agreement before you buy online. With the online purchase you agree with our breed agreements, which represent a obligatory agreement. Right click for more information, family tree & extra picturesSemper (Old) x V.Pr.St. Indian Dream1999, 16.1 Hand, black/w tobacco pintoHOMOZYGOUS 100% Pino ColorGuarantied!

DNAT Tested Homozygous - one of only 2 German homozygous checks for warmblood stud horses in the breed! 2018 for thoroughbred daughters (not tobiano Pinto): for a grand total of $1200! With a warmblood bloodline, there are 2018 surcharges: tobacco pinto mares: For former customers/breeders, benefit from our great offers for our returnees, please see our former customer discounts page to learn more.

caution canadic growers - Due to the new CEM requirements for sending to canada you need a permission to accept mail. For more information on what this means, please see the information provided by Equine Reproduction and until we get a few mailings to know what the problems may or may not be, we will not accept new breeder in Canada - We look forward to meeting our latest breeds in Canada and are hoping for simple and straightforward mailings.

For former customers, we currently offer great discounts, please see our past customers rebate page to find out more. colour calculators kindly provided by Animal Genetics Inc. Many thanks to all our growers who made 2016 a great year! Be sure to click the Update Buttons on this page as promotions are constantly evolving and temporary.

Search for "Super Saver" promotions, sporadically temporary promotions where you can buy now and start saving hundred of dollars, including both the breeding tax and the reservation charge (booking is not subject to discount, but is part of the purchase).

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