Painted Pony

Coloured pony

You can book now with Painted Pony in St. George, UT. Online-Ticket Prices Only rodeo ticket purchases on Painted Pony are valid from June 30, 2018 until Labor Weekend Week. The Painted Pony is for general entry, good for any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from June 30, 2018 to Labor Weekend.

Tickets bought after 5pm on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday are NOT available before the next row. Online tickets are available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday under the last name of the order. When you have ordered BBQ and rodeos, they are at the BBQ entrance.

When you have ordered Rodeo Only, you are at the entrance to the rodeo.

Pony Restaurants - Welcome

I' m not one to do a lot of reviewing, but here we go. I' m a new inhabitant of Bethlehem, CT and let's just say that The Painted Pony has become a common caterer. During my first trip I was impressed by the friendly and thoughtful employees, the great cuisine, the great prizes and the good customer care.

Being someone who travels a lot of my life abroad for work, I am used to doing great things. But every and every return it was astonishing and the only thing that changed was that the personnel and the owners took the opportunity to get to know me, my name, which took me to Bethlehem and my favourite menus.

There are NYC, Paris, China, Italy, San Fran, LA, Malibu, Colorado, FL, ALL OVER....some places are beautiful jewels. Painted Pony is one of them. Please do not hesitate to contact the Painted Pony Staff! It'?s good stuff. Our servers, Amanda, handled us so kindly that she tidied up after a four-year-old, among other things, supplied our meals in recordspeed, and took my husband's birthdays pie and candle with her, without the outstanding services we would not have been able to eat without them.

Dining is always good here, and they have a fabulous menu of seasonsal drinks and martinis that are constantly change. Great cuisine, good personnel and the eatery is always cosy! Fast services, great meals and great ambience. And the new owner is doing a great work! It was a great time and the most beautiful people I've ever worked with.

My mates and I went to the flea fair in Bethlehem on a whim and whetted our appetites for antique tack. And the shopkeeper suggested The Painted Pony, saying, "It's the only thing open here after 5:00 on a Sunday."

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