Palomino Racking Horses for Sale

Racking Palomino Horses for sale

To sell. Horses for sale. Palomino Golden Western Pleasure Quarter gelding, just arrived from Oklahoma. The Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses und Racking Horses. Tubes and spotted saddle horses, (also Racking Horses) with extraordinary bloodlines.

Hillbilly Deluxe" is a beautiful Racking Horse gelding.

PALLOMINO Horses Racking Horses for sale

Featuring a motley crew of two brothers and sisters almost identical and very kind and soft..... Tennesee Walker is very soft. 3/4 Racking broodmare out of a x Rowdy breeding dam and terrorism in the Crowd colt........ A smooth gait, very safe..... Izzy' has been since I took her over from new professions in 2010.

A lot of new horses have come in.

A lot of new horses have come in. VISIT US AND TRY ONE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL HORSES! WE SPECIALISE IN THE COMBINATION OF HORSES AND RIDERS WITH FAMILY TYPE LEISURE AND HIKING HORSES. The horses will only be shown after consultation with Sallye. To give each client enough free rein to try out the horses, we make arrangements.

Many thanks for your interest in our horses and we are looking forward to your attendance! Sallye' s Horses specialises in the most handsome horses in the whole wide range, the Golden Palomino! You will find below our really marvellous Golden Palomino's, which are first performed in our Palomino Palace. Don't miss to scroll down to see all our marvellous horses we have to show!

"Palomino Palace" Palomino Gold Quarter gelding, just got here from Oklahoma. He is a well educated pressurehorses for every riding instructor, for trail or shows. In Dreams, congratulations to Jennifer. Breathtaking metal, black Palomino Gold filly; Rocky and Saddlebred Cros. When you' re looking for the most beautiful gold pony in the city, take a look at Dream.

Lifelong groom pony. Selling other beautiful horses... Diamond, congratulations to Reagan. Holiday (Holly) ~ SOLD Going to Florida!!! Hot neck clean, gentle jogging, a few drums, a lot of trailer-raiding. A rider who likes a steed with a little "Go" will adore her.

Congratulations to Parks! Can' tTouchMy Assets SOLD Congratulations to Valerie in S.C.! Nice, eye-catching Tenn. Runs calmly on the reins; sleek as a satin stand you'll like; vet on the paths and in the stadium. Marlie, congratulations to Dawn.

Nice 13-year-old bay filly. 15 h. Lessons on horses (English and Westernriding) for the last 8 years in the same house. WTC, neckrein for occidental rides; Conference Builders Delta. Love to be the focus. Showcase ~ SOLD Congratulations to Carolyn in N.C.!

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