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Parelli, Pagosa Springs, CO. Parelli is the most important advocate of natural horsemanship. ip=" mw-headline" id="Early_life_and_career">Frühes Leben und Karriere[edit]>

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Parelli's response to the horse abuse videotape

Equestrian naturalism was a technique that has greatly expanded over the last 15 years.] My long experience in nature riding is thanks to one of my first trainers. Nevertheless, there was always something that seemed "not right" to me in the way Parelli approached me from the beginning.

I felt the same when his Linda spouse became more committed and educated in public. It had been some while since I had thought about the Parelli, and only after receiving this tape did my intellect begin to read through these old emotions and put them into words.

The following is Linda's footage showing how to fix an allegedly out of hand horse blindfolded by one of its eyes after its owner/handler has miscarried. Guess everyone who looks at the tape will get away with a slightly different feel, here are my thoughts on the tape and my earlier Parelli Natural Horsemanship experience.

Confidence: This horse did not come to completely believe in his being. Clearly it's a greater obstacle because the horse is also half blind, but it' obviously in the way it searches around itself, looking for any hazard that could pop out and leave its own self forgotten! He can take care of himself.

I think a way can only go so far. Applying the same practices to every horse in every circumstance means saying that all humans will react in the same way to a lesson type, surroundings, motivation, encouragement... which we all know is not the case. Here many horse trainings do not work because they leave no room for mistakes or individuals and therefore the Parellis have no incentive for me.

Parellis have developed a system that guides the rider from pace to pace in a very particular and systematic way, without allowing any room for indecision. It can be advantageous in the course of training, but the same order of progress and results is expected from the horse.

When you are an advanced horse man, you can see where changes need to be made, but since Parelli is so strongly promoted for novices and those without much previous training, these horse men miss that there are areas from which you must sometimes depart. What brings me to my second all nature's equestrian physicians, and perhaps linked to the fact of how widespread and widespread Parelli's fame is, I have never seen a technique that produces so many disfunctional horse.

Over the years I have been conditioning myself to tremble of course when I heard that a horse was coached with Parelli techniques, and now the horse is without regress and needs help because the horse is hazardous. On the other hand, the horse is primarily a grazing potatoe, the horse owners have played the 7 games with him and think that the horse will make a great horse... just to see the horse and find an animal that has learnt how to use its height and power against humans, has no regard or esteem for you and has no tendency to do any kind of work.

Don't get me wrong, the Parellis are a mighty advertising engine. Acknowledging that I wish I could commercialize at their level but not how to commercialize horse-training is that' another subject for another post), unfortunately it shows the inherent flaws when Money outdoes the well being of their studen and horse.

So, where does this horse-rider duet go? There are two things I see Linda's effort to scream; she is scared of the horse and the horse does not comprehend. Work: The horse *can* comprehend what Linda wants, but the absence of confidence surpasses her communicative endeavours in this way.

Remember that a horse comes under stress if it is not exercised differently. The horse can return to its innate intuition even if it is exercised when a pit is present. Linda exerts force in front of the horse by vibrating the leash, pushing it onto the horse's breast and vibrating it in front of herself and the horse.

How is the horse? Finally she begins to get a half-hearted answer from the horse as soon as her effort becomes so great that she shows tiredness about it. It begins with the final outcome - to shake the leader to move the horse backwards. What if the horse was never trained to take a back seat from the beginning?

This horse obviously doesn't know what Linda wants with too much vibration, and if that is the case, take a backseat and fill the loop. Begin somewhere that makes good for the horse, comes with less exertion and you can go to another pace and wean another, if necessary, until you arrive at the desired end results.

This is the food for my reluctance and mistrust of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Methods. Methods that are so inflexible that you expose horse and horse to risks are totally unsuitable for a "professional". In order to be as honest as possible, I am refreshing this to record the refutation tape that Pat and Linda Parelli share after so much indignation over the above one.

I' m just... well, it's hardly an answer that makes me want to alter my mind about the whole thing. I have been horse rider since I was 9 years old and have been in Love with a horse since the date of my birth. I live with my man Jason in Washington, two ponies and our four canines.

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