Pegasus Horse Feed

The Pegasus horse feed

Producer and wholesaler of farm animal feed. The AgriLife feed mills are not open to the public. I' ve seen horses that won't eat pellets that love that! Jährlinge and mature horses characteristics: The Pegasus Value Cubes are a non-heated pony nut, even with their low price there is no compromise in quality.

MILN FEDS - Pegasus

The Pegasus feed is our premier label, top of the range ration developed specifically for the West Australia market. Every food contains all important nutriments, vitamines and minineries for an optimum healthy and fitnes. The Pegasus feed contains a high percentage of fats for cold energies and a naturally cultivated lees to improve intestinal transit and absorb trace elements.

The Pegasus feed is made from a high grade mixture of cereals and additives to maximize the final product and taste. The Pegasus feed is developed and backed by the Kentucky Equine Research dietary research. Learn more about the horse feed analyses. The Milne Feedback also provides our horse feed user with the following benefits:

Technological knowledge in the development of convenient, cost-effective diets or in the resolution of diet-related issues. To apply the KER knowledge of breeding and breeding horse and mare breeding that has evolved all over the world. Feedingstuffs manufactured in a factory certified by Feedsafe®. It is a premier horse preparation that has been formulated to help compensate for grains and meet the nutrient needs of competitive, racing and sports horse.

Coollymax is a cold energetic free feed for oats developed to satisfy the dietary needs of leisure, show and sports horse and pony. The Pegasus Liberty is a high-fat, high-fiber, low-starch walnut that helps reduce the horse's dependence on cereal -based sources of nutrition. Sweetmax? Pegasus is a high-quality, oat-free, müsli-like "sweet" food, which is specially adapted to the dietary needs of top quality horse, racing and sportshorse.

Joining Milne Feeds in 2004, Michelle has provided our horse clients with diet and selling assistance. She works with Kentucky Equity Research (KER) to keep abreast of the latest horse feed and feed development. Click here to see the Milne Feeds Pegas Feeds Guide.

Spiller - horse feed

The Pegasus Value Cubes are a simple horse and barn food that is perfect for easy to moderate work horse.... The Pegasus Value Mix is a simple horse and barn food that is perfect for easy to moderate work horse.... Spiller' s Daily Balancer was developed to supply all the essential vitamin and mineral nutrients needed to maintain a pure feed balanced diets....

Daily fiber is a versatile fiber feed that can be used alongside a low-energy feed or as a staple food for good perpetrators and arousable horse and pony.... Spiller' s Happy Hoof is a low-sugar, low-starch, fibre-rich food rich in vitamin and mineral fortified with bio-tin and essential anti-oxidants....

SPEZAL ORDER - Spiller's HDF Oat Balancer Blend is the perfect balance for the nutrition of your horse in hardworking porridge crops.... Spiller' s High Fibre Centres are low in fibre and therefore perfect for good perpetrators, local people, those seeking peace and quiet and those who work lightly. Spiller' s Meadow Herb Blend is a tasty, very tasty, non-heatable blend for low to moderate power horse and pony use.

Spiller' s Racehorse tubes are designed for hardworking horse riding. Spiller' s Racing Mix & Naked Oats are designed for tough use. Quick softening fiber mixture for all horse and pony, also for those who tend to laminate. Grain & molasses free, high in fiber & low in starches and sugars, therefore perfect for good perpetrators and people with easy work.

Spiller' s Stud & Young-stock Mix is ideal for kittens between 6 and 24 month, expectant or nursing dams and sires. Spiller' s Stud Cubes are designed for kittens between 6 and 24 month, expectant or nursing dams and sires. Spiller' s pellets are designed for the cultivation of horse or pony between the ages of 2 week and 2 years.

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