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Horses Penning for sale

A MARKET FOR SORTING & PENNING HORSE. A team that breeds horses for sale.

Rank sortation in North Texas

Our equestrian hall offers everything from rank grading, general equestrian care, equestrian hospitals, individual tuition, work with cows, competitions and much more. This is a first class venue with a solid 180? indoor stables, 2 50 feet indoor round stables, 48 adjoining stables, an outside stadium and round stables for a variety of exercise needs.

Can' you just give an old horseman some new moves? For many years Jim Sykes has been practicing the workhorse in a professional way. So we have franchise sortation hospitals, teaching the fundamentals of how to cue your horses and learning to keep an eye on the livestock instead of hunting it. There' always someone riding with new passengers. Our horses for sale range from soft trails to completed rank grading and penning horses.

Still Water, Oklahoma

Please click on the horse's name or image for more information, pictures and video, if available. He' s about 14 years old. He is a striking, heartbreaking gelding who will attract everyone's interest. Its explosive power on a cows is a real riding excitement. He' got the strongest character I've ever seen on a pony.

and has a wonderful affirmation. Flying really simple has a great deal to offer. In 2017 she was AQHA World Champion in Open Penning and Open Sorting. We all 5 were in the winning group with this amazing filly. It is an open minded filly that most people are familiar with.

He is one of the most sporty horses I have ever contested. It'?s a lot of riding to do with him. I' ve ever possessed. He' s about 14 years old. By nature it is very deep-headed and very broken. Soave is a tall, gorgeous, 15 year old gelding. Simple enough for all drivers to be able to compete and look good at the same time.

  • Boonie is a well made filly who is 14 years old. It'?s rideable. It' great for any riding skill you have. The Brumby is a breathtaking chestnut filly with 15 chestnut fingers and a cattle. Extremely easily driveable for any passenger levels at which they can vie and be aggressive. He is a $13,459 strong male income earning horse and product class person in the topic of breeding and grading.

Their most recent victory was the AQHA Open Penning Champion 2017. She' s a cowardly girl with a big stop and a big engine. Because of her lightweight jaw it was quite simple for all levels to keep up in the competition and to be successfull. For me and her 9-year-old boy she was a filly for herself in many top ten races.

There is no cowier than this big, stocky filly. The 3 of our children are riding this filly for the top 10 races at the big shows. In the show cage, this filly proved herself again and again. She' s standing with 15 bare fists and is adamant. He is a tall, wonderful gelding who attracts attention wherever we take him.

Easily ridden for everyone. An AQHA World Show 2016 and AQHYA 2017 globetrotter and many other master photos. Standing with about 15 palms, he is the quickest stallion on the course. In any case to gently and very broken riding. Stand 14. She' ll be a great youngster for the RSNC World Final.

He is a large, stocky gelding with an even greater range of motion. Imaginative and easily toasted. It'?s about 15.1 meters high. She is a great future foal for the RSNC World Final. Three-handed, strong. Easily ridden, big stop and very soft to be near.

The Rey Rey Rey is a breathtaking 14th century horse with chestnuts. She is a sweet little filly who is 14 years old. You' d better hold her if you hold her to a female horse, this filly is really catlike and fast.

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