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Many thanks to Pennswood's horses for their support. Bill's a frontrunner in the horse business in Anderson. descriptor Bodybuilder 4000 is a 40% fatty, 26% proteinaceous dietary complement developed to help increase your overall weights and act as a skin modifier. Bodybuilder 4000 offers: Strong energetic balance and high calorie content to help broodmares keep the right amount of weights. This is a reliable way of feathering horses.

Capability to keep horses in top shape during the high seasons.

Penwood Products

Equine Pennwoods Products: a firm that grew out of a privately owned firm with 110 years of practical equine riding expertise. Founded in 1985 with a sole line of goods, over the years the line has grown to more than fifteen items, all produced at the Centre Hall Centre Hall in Pennsylvania.

It is our aim to provide the best available food for horses. Designed with the needs of our own horses in mind, our product is manufactured to the strict standard you would use for your own horsed. Only the best quality condiments are used, such as organically grown Selenium, Vitamine E1 Supra, 80% Molecular Proteins Juice Extract, Full Flavoured Boiled Soy Beans and Maize Germ Oils, to name but a few, in the manufacture of Pennwoods produce.

At the same time, we keep up to date with the latest research on horses and the available range of enhanced substances, so that our range of goods is continuously improving. It is the fact that Penwoods Produkte is built on a uniquely combined real life ownership expertise, that we are committed to the highest possible standard of our ingredient and workmanship, and that we are always striving to measure optimum nutrient performance for horses that makes Penwoods uniquely positioned in the world of the riding game.

Proud of our line of products and the results they deliver for your horses. Let us get to know you and your horses and listen to what your needs are. From our clients we are learning as much as we expect them to from us, and this makes us better at what we do for horses.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to getting to know you and hear about your riding adventure!

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