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Velcro Percheron

Features of the Percheron | Percheron's Iron Walk Percheron has a very pleasant scheduling. Usually perforons are either dark or gray, but there are also sorrel, coves, horses, etc.. A lot of perforons have spots of whiteness on the heads and legs, but excess whiteness is unwanted. The perchers reach in heights from 15 to 19-high, most are between 16-2 and 17-3-high.

The Percheron is known for its strong muscles in the lower leg and for an exceptional robustness and strength. Percheron is also characterised by the neat effect and conformity of the foot and leg qualities. A perfect horseme should have a rather long, flat rump with a large, round thigh.

Percheron's heads and necks are typically for the most appealing draught horses. Percherons have a large and fully developed eyes, a wide and full brow and a flat face. Studs should be robust on the heads and broodmares should have a female look. Percheron is very multifunctional.

You have the power to tow heavier weights and the charming styling to tow a delicate sled. You can ride a Percheron and some are known to be good jumper. Percheron is very practical for the rescue of young tree species in smaller timber farms, as they do not need a broad street wherever they work.

On almost every yard there is a permanent place for a Percheron horse crew, be it for work or game. Pcheron Horse Association of America, Postfach 141, Fredericktown, Ohio 43019.

Percheron the Leaping: Hacks and Tacks

Some place I missed to say that I got a set of Compositi stapes at last and I like them. I' m definitely gonna order a set for my training pad.... It' not a long time you would need them here, but a few and a half years after they showed up, we had a breezy 53 kilometer long sunny morning, great for trying them out.

Actually it's the trousers I wore in the last article on the pictures of Wes lying down. I' m gonna have to put a few pinholes in the lightning, but it suits her very well. She' s too big for pony-sized things, so Cob sizes go well with her. Although sometimes things are somewhat strange with Cob too-sized.

I' m having the same kind of trouble with Klein. It can carry most warm blood sized things, but every now and then the WB or OS thing fits a little bit and I have to adapt it or make pits. I' ve tidied up my tack room and organised everything.

Unfortunately, the seat stand had dropped because the former owners had installed it quite like a hood. There had been a great deal of rains two and a half nights earlier. Streams were quite high. Little and Wes are waitin' for us to get back the other night. Some pictures of the small horses from the other night.....

A little warm-up. Little and Wes played at the pool. It'?s quite difficult to conceal that fact.

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