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These tips on string making are great and the perfect gift for horse lovers. Vacation colour in a must-have basic - the perfect stocking pen. If someone has a special interest, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect gift for them. An unbreakable enamel horse mug that is perfect for life in a busy stable. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life?

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The perfect stall attendant and an ideal complement to the equine world. An unbreakable enamelled cup that has been conceived for a bustling stall environment. Made of a thick enamelled material, it can be thrown down and popped without break. That makes the use outside secure, but also in the environment of the horse and dog.

These cups are a classical enamelled cup with a thick, lacquered border, this is a high-end model of the genuine US mug. The cups are all made by burning in extreme high temperature tempered glasses, which are then melted together to produce the thick enamelled powder. Horse pressure is then manually applied to the cups using an old-fashioned method known as a transfer.

It is an enamelled printer which is made of metal pigment. Cautiously place the heat exchanger by hands in the cup and then fire to close the pressure. This results in a very durable gravure press that looks much cleaner than more advanced technology.

This horse jugs are great gifts for the rider or a present for the horse. When you are looking for a unique present for her, this cup could be the perfect horse decoration for an outside stall world.

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Environmentally safe horse care wipes. Made by riders for rider, horse and hound. One-of-a-kind gifts for the horse show. A perfect gift for horse lovers, horse gifts or awards ceremonies. Today's generation cloth for a healthy lifestyle for rider, horse and hound. A towel for riders, horses and dogs with nanosilver particulates sown into the fibres.

What does it matter? 1. bacteria cannot conceal themselves in this hand cloth to protect you, your horse and your shed. The products are regarded as environmental friendliness because they help reducing the amount of chemicals and spray used. This makes the outcome an ecologically sound riding sport material.

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