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Gunnedah, Australian Performance Horse Magazine, Gunnedah, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud. The banner advertising costs $300/year or $175/6 month. The banner advertising costs $300/year or $175/6 month. Now we have an e-mail mailing directory with over 40,000 horse aficionados, most of whom are Quarter Horse and Paint industry professionals - coaches, judge, exhibitor, stallion owner, broodmare owner - not just back yard owner. The section costs: $50 for three month;

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The majority of those who have been involved with the horse for a long while have a tendency to have a shared view of what a "good" exterior should be. Since so many show jumpers and young show jumpers, even eventing youngsters, can be very succesful even with a "bad" exterior, how useful is the exterior as a guideline for later succeed?

Had there been an honour for the world' s premier show jumper breeders at the Euro 2008 - and I think it should be - then the honour would undoubtedly go to Herman de Brabander, the Belgium stallion breeders..... As the changes in versatility were discussed, the general sentiment was that the CIC would prefer warm-blooded ponies, while the thoroughbred horse would still predominate the CCI.

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Shane Steffen was on a quest with two big points in the book when he led Gunna Be A Smartie into the world' s richest stick horse's fencing ring on Friday evening. He' s won the AustrianRHA Futurity several time and after achieving a 223.5 with HA Handsome Harry (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Chick Peas x Smart Chic Olena), Rudi Kronsteiner, a Million Dollar Rider from the NRHA, took the leading position in levels 4 and 3 of the 4-year Open Go-Run.

70 ponies competed in the 4-1 Open during the round of Futurity-Go of the Österreichischer Reiningpferdeverband (AustrianRHA).

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