Personalised Equine Gifts

Customized horse gifts

Tailor-made selection of horse gifts for all horse lovers. Personalized Equine Christmas bauble made of wood. Canter in style with Apatchy's breathtaking range of equestrian gifts. High-quality personalized horse gifts inspired T-shirts, posters, mugs and more from independent artists and designers from around the world. They are often a great gift for riders.

Set of 6 personalized gifts your mare will adore you for

One can never have too many equine kissing! Let's face it, your mare is probably the most important figure in your lifetime, so it says due to that her Christmas present should be better than anyone else. Ultimately, the way to show your horses that you like it is to give them something that is both individual and individual.

Here you will find the best personalized gifts for your loved one: just in office for Christmas: We begin with a carpet, because the winters are here and a horses can never have too many carpets. Equipment offers an astonishing selection of high class carpets, among them raincovers, barn carpets and showflies.

Comes with a broad colour palette and brassbuckles to help you find the right one for your showpiece. Select your braid, ribbon, string or stitching to customize it. What will your mare look like when he goes down the slope in such a carpet?

HosBox Rug Trunk can be fully personalized by the addition of functions such as a stand for the saddles, a support tray and a care bag for birches. If you' re a fan of the look of the " Matchy Matches ", you'll want these high-quality, tailor-made numbers from Equiclass. Also available in pony, cob and full, as well as training and jumping styles, you can select the color of the numna and the color of the pipings for a very individual present.

When your mare is something like mine, he thinks with his belly, so a personalized pail cover is the perfect way to keep the food free of parasites and let the whole wide body know it's his pail, so hoofs off! Available in several colours and at a special discount rate (from 4.79), this is an excellent stockings pen or a handy but nice gift if someone else is feeding your stallion on a regular basis.

It is a great choice if you and your pet like a little blade and you are not scared of color. Custom headbands use colored pearls and crystal to make gorgeous headbands that are handcrafted and sewn by craftsmen from the very best British leathers. Name badges made of nickel-plated steel are a classic way to personalize your horse's headgear.

This beautiful german dog collars comes with a name tag made of yellow metal, you only have to give the name! Your stallion will not only look fantastic, but you will also support the acquisition by the UK's toughest working equitation charity, the Royal Society.

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