Personalised Horse Halters

Customised horse halter

Use a personalized name tag with your holster. The leather holster can be torn off if necessary and is therefore suitable for all classes from ponies, cob, newborns to mature horses. Tailor-made and monogrammed holsters, show carpets and animal collars.

Custom Weaver Overlay Holder

Personalise your holster with your stall colours or simply your favourite colour combinations and enter your name, the name of your horse and/or the name of your stall. Manufactured with the qualities you have come to expect from Weaver Leather, in a classical Nylonshape. This is not a tear-off holster that cannot crack under compression.

Different holster and overlays colours available - you can choose! Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us. Rather, the ratings are part of an on-line fellowship of pet owner who want to exchange their particular experiences with other people.

This is no replacement for talking about your pet's condition with a vet. Horse/year, 800 lb- 1,000 lb. draught overall.

Pony and horse halter custom leather

This switch holder has a single-layer switch top with a simple clasp attachement, a single-layer movable jaw and a shallow neck bar. Light yet sturdy, these holsters are ideal for daily use on the fields and in the stable. Can be torn off if necessary and is therefore suitable for all categories from ponies, cob, newborns to ripe ponies.

They are available in darkbrown and darkbrown calfskin with fittings in either high-grade steal or massive bras. Shown in darkbrown with massive brasswork fittings. Equip your horse with a gorgeous handmade holster made right in the bluegrass region. It has all the characteristics of our Dress English holster with dual buckles, tripple sewn noses and curled throats with the added advantage of a larynx.

Select either darkbrown or darkbrown leathers for the holster colour and then select from a wide range of classy upholstery colours to enhance your horse's good looks. These holsters are made of high-quality US handlebar skins and grated by hands to achieve a beautiful, classy look. Cushioned holsters are available in Pony Size, Yearling/Cob Two-Year Old/Small Horse Broodmare/Full and Large Broodmare/Warmblood.

Holsters can be constructed with your own fittings in either high-grade or massive bras. Shown in burgundy brown suede with rose upholstery and massive brasswork. The CUSTOM holster is unsurpassed in design and styling. This is a unique product with a dual sewn dress crest with dual strap fastening, a dual sewn and attached English jaw, a tripple sewn lug and a roll and padded neck strap.

The holster is available in PONY, COB, Weanling(Contact), Horse, Warmblood, & Draft(Contact). They are available in darkbrown (shown), chestnut or alternatively available in chestnut or chestnut suede with high-grade steal or massive brasscover. Shown in darkbrown with massive brasswork fittings. PLEASE NOTE: the holster designs options: Crown (double or simple buckle), chin (English or adjustable) and cervix.

Every garment/show halter has curled throat, and the crown and noses are padded, twice thick and three stitches for extra hold and a "more elegant look". Halter have shallow throat and simply thick crown and noses with pulled out seams. The track holder is designed for longevity! Designed for longevity, it also offers the whole range of our English Halter outfits.

This handmade holster has a dual and dual buckled sewn coronet, dual cheekbones and a tripple sewn snout. The holster sections are 1-1/8" instead of 1" to give the track holder an edging that meets the requirements for a robust and beautiful holster for top-performers. This stallion holder is in a league of its own in terms of longevity and styling!

Handmade in the core of the Bluegrass in our leathershop, this holster is designed to stand up to the busy lives of the studs while retaining an elegance and beauty. Halters on our colt holster are 1/4" wide than our other dress holsters. This not only makes the holster stable, but also emphasizes the manhood of your colt.

A handcrafted work of artwork featuring a dual and dual buckles sewn on top of dual cheekbones and remains a tripple sewn lug and curled thumbtack. This holster is available in darkbrown or darkbrown nappa skin and optionally in high-grade steal or massive Messing a real eye-catcher in the shed!

The Kentucky Farmyard Pic-Pelt is the perfect present for all horse lovers! Handmade from high-quality cowhide and massive bras fittings, the 1 1/4" broad wrinkle strap has a real foldable Hoofpick as strap. Our weavers are all made to measure and are available in middle bay darkbrown or blackened leathers.

Size: 26-52" Our upholstered belt is a funny look back at our popular upholstered halter and is a great way to accent your showwear or spice up your daily outfit. Made from the same high grade bridle that we use for our holsters, these straps have a wide range of contrast upholstery.

Upholstered belts start with a 3/4 " or 1" thick one-layer fence band of your chosen in middle browns, deep browns or heels. These straps are grated by hands to achieve an attractive look and combined with the colour of the contrast upholstery of your chise. They' re then sewn together to make your pretty, made-to-measure waistbelt.

In addition to the colour of the fringes and upholstery, you can select from either white or black metal to make a harness that best suits your character and you! And you can even put a name tag for a more customization. The Kentucky Belts come from a long history of rider creative in the shed or on the way when a fractured part of a pin needed a fast solution.

We suggest you use our belts to add a touch of class to your outfit, but they will certainly stimulate conversations among your own buddies about your own inventive solutions when working with them! The Kentucky is 3/4 " width and has a massive brassbuckle and a larynxclasp. Made in midbrown darkbrown and darkbrown suede with massive brasscover.

Shown in middle brow. Handcrafted from high grade bridle skin, our Round Leather saucers have a sewn hem in the same look as our halter and other staple wares. Every 4-piece kit comes with a suitable padded strap. To personalise your round trivets, have your characters stamp on the trivet!

Whatever you want to personalise within the specified boundaries! Be imaginative and above all have a lot of pleasure with the belts on your trousers and put them on a little. The Kentucky Farmyard Pickp Belts is the ideal present for all horse lovers! Handmade from high-quality cowhide and massive bras fittings, the 1 1/4" broad wrinkle strap has a real foldable Hoofpick as strap.

Our belt is made to measure and is available in middle bay darkbrown or darkbrown color. Shown in middle brow. The 26-52 " size mouse pads show the inherent elegance of the high grade leathers we use to make our holsters. One-layer padding is about 6-3/4 " x 6-3/4" and has a sewn edge that reminds of the type of seam in our holders.

It can be personalised with a silvery finishing and a name tag made of nickel. Made in midbrown darkbrown bordeaux and purple leathers. Handcrafted from new real full-blooded aluminium race or standard Bred sneakers. Our shoe maker uses horse shoe pins to stitch the shoe into pre-formed bridle leathers.

Then the saucers are refined with a smooth suedeleather back. It is available in middle bay, darkbrown and amber. This handmade pendant can be provided with a brazen sign with all your contacts. Made in midbrown darkbrown bordeaux and monochrome leathers with massive brassy hard ware and nameplate.

With real British brasschains or high-grade-steelchains, which are sewn three times to the bracelet, our shackles are one level higher. Every shaft is made of the same high grade bridle that we use to make our holsters, and grated by the hands to achieve this sleek look. The necklace is available in darkbrown, chestnut-red, and burgundy leathers with massive 12 " (BRASS only), 24", or 30" long necklaces in mahogany.

Personalise your shaft with a name tag made of massive copper or aluminium for an extra charge. Mines are NOT available in PINK or BLAUem Leder.

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