Personalised Horse Tack

Customized horse tacks

Bridals pendants, halter plates, saddle plates, stable signs, horse halter and leather leashes in all sizes, gifts and more! This is a very special gift for horse owners, why not spoil them with this slate horse hanger? SOLD SADDLER Since the beginning of the 90s I have been saddling in a Blue Ribbon. Because the mudguards are trimmed, I can use my feet better than in most of them. The Blue Ribbon calipers are in a class of their own when it comes to craft skills in.

.... I spent my whole show carreer in Blue Ribbon seats.

Not only are they the most beautiful and best worked horse in the show horse kingdom, they are also the best ridingmat! The Blue Ribbon is our preferred seat for the Wild All-Around-Event. It is our opinion that Blue Ribbon seats give our customers a real advantage at all kinds of horse shows, even equestrianism.

Thanx to Vern and Rita and everyone at Blue Ribbon for their help..... Over the last 15 years I have decided to saddle and show in Blue Ribbon. The handicraft and elegance of a Blue Ribbon is unsurpassed. Our Silver Headstalls' clasps can be shuffled or adjusted from one head stall to another.

Most of our headstalls are available with either Chicago sterling silver or Chicago sterling silver. 2 different sizes are available. Additionally we are offering you individual headpiece clasps with your original name, your trademark, your company name or the sobriquet.

Custom Made Horse Gadgets | Mac Tack

The majority of the products that MacTack sells are made specifically for you, just the way you want them to be. However, we attach great importance to product of the highest possible level of qualitiy, since we make custom-made products, it can take up to 3 wek.

Some information about our product range. All our custom-made ropes are made of high grade PVC, ropes and belts, all from Australia. MacTack carries out all engravings and PVC prints itself, where we can guarantee the highest possible level of precision and no delay.

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