Personalized Horse Items

Customized horse articles

Bridals, halter plates, saddle plates, stable signs, horse halter and leather leashes in all sizes, gifts and more! Here is what people say: "Atlanta Police Foundation was looking for custom-made stable badges to honour the Atlanta Police Departmentâ??s Mount Patrol Department'' donators, and I thank you for your effort to meet our needs..

.." "We have already received several orders for stable records and other items & you are the BEST!

Our prodcuts are nice & the customerservice is outstanding! I ordered the holster plate and horse badges, which are for this year. I' ll order more articles from you! Nice work!! "There are commemorative tablets..... They' re just as pretty as I thought. "Horse Assoc." "Thank you!

" "Brilliance with great, inexpensive items! "I come here first when I need something for our ponies. D.B. "I recieved the item last evening. You' re doing a beautiful job. "S. N. "I adore your website - the best, best organised and easiest e-shopping EVER!

" A. T. "We like everything we have got from you. "C. C. "Thank you for your outstanding product and your marvellous services. They are some of the best personalized items around. "Hi, I got the wristband last night. "A. C. "Thank you for the nice stand name tag.....

Many thanks for your outstanding work and the quick handling. I' m proud to present my new stand panel at the fair this week-end! "E "E.R. Washington, D.C. "I got my stand name tag a few week ago and wanted to let you know how much I like it.....

" J.G. "Thank you again.... you have an outstanding level of client services (and great products!)" G. H. "Thank you for your GREAT-services! Thanks again.... the dishes were very important to me. "N "N.P. "Thank you for the beautiful work you did on the stable records I ordered.

" M. J. "I got my stand dish today and I'm tickling rose!!!!! "P "P.P. "Uno Bravour's stable record is simply lovely. I' ve been possessed by all decisions and I' m fond of the results. "L "L.R. "I got the licence plates and the keychain last night. And I will definitely order from you again soon!

" S. O. "I just wanted to let you know that the holster sheets have come today and I like them! "M. H. "The barn record came out nice. "B "B.A. "The owner of the stables was so amazed that she will demand that all snowboarders wear the same name tag.

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