Personalized Horse Tack

Customized horse tacks

Customer-specific engraving With our individual inscription, you have the possibility to make a singular, but individual name tag or ID-card. Individually etched signs are not only a good addition to your individual leathers such as Kentucky Horseman belts, collar and collar, they are also ideal for many different uses and designs around the home or shed. These panels can be useful if you label your tack stands, deliver shelving, identify original plant species in your yard or decorate your door, a mounted photograph, a certification or a work of artwork. We' ve also made a lot of plaques. It is ideal for birthday parties, graduation parties, marriages and jubilees of horse-lovers.

Our panels are only limited by your own imagination! All the possibilities of sheet sizes and gravure styles, our individual gravure sheets are sure to satisfy your horse-related and even your own needs. It begins with selecting the nameplate sizes and types you need.

There is a choice between a massive copper sheet or, if you want a silvery surface, a nickel-plated copper sheet. They are not your cellar for bargains, they are thick, robust and suitable for the hardest use. First line of engravings is part of the prices of the panels, an extra line of text is available for a small charge.

After you have selected the disk style and file sizes, you can select from three fonts (Standard, Victoria and Minion). We can also provide you with a warehouse label or an individual one. We can even etch your own label for a truly original part. When selecting your own logos, please observe the charges and regulations for your logosetting.

When you have decided what your dish will look like, we'll do the work! As we try to do our best to detail the leathers for which each panel is used, we find that the knowledge of the panel sizes you need for all your leathers can often be overpowering.

When you are not sure what sizes you need, call us at 859-299-8225. We are here to ensure that the end product meets your expectation.

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