Personalized Lead Ropes

Customized lead ropes

It'?ll be your favorite line! Customer-specific lead wire colours Colours 65 to 89 are 1/2" ropes. They' re OK for leashes or rein. For my part, I do not advise it for exercise ropes, as this cable does not have the body mass and feeling that is normally wanted for workouts.

Please see the premiums at the bottom of the page for ropes. See also the section trainings in the lefthand edge, because I have some very beautiful ropes there.

All of the following colours 90 to 102 are 5/8", for lead ropes, probably too thick for rein. These are the colours of our specially designed ropes, extremely smooth on the palm, with a particularly beautiful body and " living ", suited for exercising with nature riding techniques. The most are 1/2" ropes, beautiful for lines or rein.

The SORRY, Premium SOLID WHITE and WHITE/Wine/BLUE are out of print.

Personalised lead ropes

I' ll order more ropes soon!" Lead ropes on the world! It'?ll be your favourite line! It' also an outstanding, personal present for a boyfriend! - Available with either bronce or grey pin catch or copper catch without deduction in nickle plated. Pull off Bullet Knap, $1 added, massive brassbolt snap, $2 added.

Select middle brow (shown), darkbrown or darkbrown. WITHOUT EMBRIDERY without embridery, subtract $5 from these prizes. Cables without stitching are refined with the same stitched, hard-wearing material as on stitched ropes. Please let us know if you would like your non-embroidered wire to be refined with metallic clips. NOTICE: The price does not apply to USPS Priority Mail ($7.25 for up to 2 ropes).

Nickle Platter, - Select your button - Want to insert a genuine button? I' ve given my boyfriend an I.C.E. holder and an emboidered lead-wire. "They are great lead ropes and I used them for Belle and Telly - they hold up very well! "Superman " is an example of the billboard-fashion.

It is also an example of a cable without a spring lock. It can be fixed to a cable holster. "The" SMOKEY" and "PATRIOT" are samples of "block" embroideries in ALL caps. "The" Semper Fidelis" is an example for "block" in upper and lower case. If you want more than 7-8 characters, you must use upper and lower case for the best results (see "Semper Fidelis" above with 14).

For upper and lower case, 15 letters/spaces are the max. number that fits the "block" type. Altogether 18 characters/spaces are the maximal number that fits the "Billboard"-style. "Wolf's lead wire is really nice. "I just got Soxxy's cable. Sage' s ropes have a nickel-plated cop button and a darkbrown cowpunch.

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