Personalized Leather Horse Halters

Custom leather horse halter

Customized leather holster found in: Personalized Products Corp. offers individual horse halter and leashes made of leather. We' re offering Walsh leather holsters, leashes & more equipment. In the option fields you can adjust your halter to your personal needs!

Every halter can be provided with a brass or silver name tag.

Favourite leather halter with name tag: Chic's Discount Saddlery

This is our #1 sales holder! The bestselling holster is an outstanding tripple sewn fence leather with a nice look and robust, massive brasswind. Personalise this delicate holster with a name tag made of nickel-plated steel, inscribed with the name and pedigree of your horse! Nice holster! It' my first purchase.

That holster is astonishing. Those holsters are astonishing. But when my horse fell back, it fell. However, this is standard for leather. Oh, and I really adore the name plate. Lovin' that holster! The leather is very smooth and smooth - not too moist and not too greasy. It looks great and I put my horse name on it!

First of all, I want to say that I like these halter. Though not failed, they look good over the years and I really like the type plate. Some seams may be skewed; the print on the rating plate is not straight. I have probably ordered a good half a dozen of these over the years and used it to be that a horse once horse greatness was greatness and other years, more like outsize.

The horse's height this year was standard and even on the small one, and the annual was definitely "yearling" and not "goblin". A great holster at a great value! It can withstand regular abrasion. That'?s a great holster for the prize. I' m getting them every year and you can't match the qualitiy for this prize.

Delivery times vary from 1-7 working day, according to your area.

Nametags on leather halter - Custom Horse Gear for sales

Light brown bridled leather, maroon coloured with oil, all made of massive yellow bras. Massive nameplate made of nickel-plated steel, which comes with every holster and leash. At Personalized Produkte Corp. we only stock the best horse riding equipment. Walsh is one of the highest valued and best-selling leather holster and linen brands.

Have a look at our 1" Triple Spitfired Walsh Bridget Leather Holster along with the simple and dual necklace horse stock. Every holster and leash comes with a nameplate made of massive copper that can be etched. Have a look at the remainder of the website to find more horseware.

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