Pet Mini Horse for Sale

Pets Mini-Horse for sale

Thumbnails on this page are looking for good houses. The miniature horses are becoming stronger and stronger than the domestic animal of the future. All you need to know about Mini Horses as pets. Information and prices on request. On the miniature horse farm you can stroke and ride miniature horses.

a 4H Pet Miniature Horse for sale

Look at the ponies in this record - for $850. Most of the salesmen donated part of the sales revenue to a Mini Horse Rescue of their own choosing. For lovers, forever and ever - perfect for 4horses, accompanying ponies or someone just looking for a beautiful "pet" mini.

"This young horse has got a lot of potentials PLUS! He is a four-horse children's horse named Delta! Romeos feats flawless, proper occlusion and proper leg. It is inexpensive, so that some happy young people can have a competitively attractive exhibition perspective. Contacting Valarie and tell her why YOU are the ideal home for her!

"Jackson " 2 year old 2 year old amare! A beautiful, sweet, willing to be a show horse for an aspiring youngster or a professional who wants to be able to compete in the ring. "Chieftain " Woonderfull little stud looking for a new home! The chieftain is a little horse of Atling! Cheif's proprietor has altered her stud programme and is concentrating on larger thumbnails, so she is looking for the ideal home for this particular fellow.

He has been kept as a stud by his new owner or neutered for the ideal small show horse. Contacting Valarie and tell her why YOU are the ideal home for Chief! "Prince " AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto 2012 Gun - First knight-breed! He has everything - color, proper exterior and quality!

He is a full brother and sister of many World and Bundeschampions as well as the World GRAND Champion Futurity Champion 2011. Prince's mother is a daugther of the eternal Lazy Ns Boogerman - a ROWDY boy and a legendary figure in the miniature horse world. The stallion foal has the contemporary look that wins in the show ring.

FIFTH 00 TO A YOUNG PEOPLE'S SHOWROOM! It' simple to use and to show, and would be great for a young person looking for a work! Perfektes juvenile horse! SALE AT HALF PRIZE! A 00 in a teenage home! "Laddie " AMHA/AMHR Arabian chestnut colt 2011 with STAR - Excellent Pedigree! The Laddie is the culmination of selected stud with some of the best in AMHA horse racing heritage.

One of his sires (AMHR NATIONAL CHAMPION Senior Stallion!) is a descendant of CHAMPION FARMS NIGHTHAWK - an 2 times World Champion get of sire AMHA. Laddie`s mother is a BUCKEROOOO Grand daugther as well as crossbreeds to NFC HUSSELERS STAR and some of the best known VANT HUTTENEST breeds. No wonder this young filly has so much to show!

He is well composed and has so much equilibrium for a 30" horse. Loaded with a firm, low waist and low top line, he is a great contestant for the show ring and his pedigree makes him an excellent studhorse. Ladie has a great mindset, with the marvelous temper of his illustrious grandfather Nighthawk.

For someone who is looking for a stallion father who represents the "total package", Laddie is SLELL - give this stallion foal a second look! The filly can win this year in the 30 & Under Divison! Massive chestnut filly, which cuts out Junior Stallion Foal in blacken. He has a celebrity lineage that matches his good looks - his father is a full brother and sister of many World Champions, National Champions and World GRAND Champion Futurity winners.

Spirit is a granddaughter of two IMMORTAL sires - L&D Scout and Sids Rebel. It is a unique opportunity to include an exceptional filly in your show or stud programme. Inexpensive only for fast sales - it is three times its asking pricee, only for its family tree.

The filly can win this year in the 30 & Under Divison! "Intruder' That's the stud headed for the BIG ZEIT! He is a reserve world champion and a reliable manufacturer. is a 3x Res WORLD CHAMPION by First Knight Lord Of The Ring, who is 4x World Champion and World GRAND Champion Mare.

The foal has the refined & eye-catching approach that is in today?s tournament ring winner. He is a well-adjusted, accurate stud with a beautiful disposition and such a beautiful mind that it looks like he should be on a filly! 3. It is not a premium horse - it is not of the same name!

He' going to make someone a great show horse and a great breeding horse for the next generation - or the most astonishing horse of all time! The Maestro will certainly be a celebrity in the competitive ring and his present owners hope to find a show house with a youngster or a professional - or perhaps someone looking for a SAFE horse for funny horseback riding and event.

The Maestro has an excellent temper for a young or inexperiencedateur. He is a puppet as a filly and would also make an excellent wall-ax! Have a look at his SAFE if you want to see a bright COLOUR! He' going to make someone a WONDERLY mini-companion! It would be an excellent partner or therapeutic horse - or someone's new best mate.

Solid Bay Mare - Riding and Halters! Their father, Max, is a fatherly brother of the 2006 Worldgrandchampion Senior Stallion! Your mother is a granddaughter of Armazing Hemlock Brooks Cock Robin - if you have ever seen pictures of him, you will know what we are about.

She' s broken her head to ride and has the brains to be a star performer. The Firefly looks like a teenager or even an imbecile to pamper her! The owner is going through a separation and has to be selling the horse to prepare for a move.

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