Picture Books about Horses

Photo books about horses

Chen Jiang Hong's Gan if you want to add a multicultural picture book to your list Jodie. New narrative non-fiction by an award-winning duo. My weakness is for children's picture books with horse-related topics.

Twenty-three picture books about horses

We' ve recently completed a team for horses. I know my children like horses, so it was really funny. During our circles, as always, I have lots of picture books to reread and speak in. We found some really great, nice books on horses, and we had such a great experience to learn about these nice creatures and to introduce ourselves.

Altogether we are reading 23 books on horses, both novels and non-fiction. Here it is, a listing of what we've been reading. Sharon Lerner's play Sharon Beauty - This is such a classical tale and this volume has lovely illustration. And my girlfriends used to love it. The Wild Little Rita Gray Horses - Sweet tale of a little stallion going on a voyage of discovery.

Nicola Smee's Clip Clop - This was such a funny novel with a really sweet tale about several horses riding a bicycle. And my little girlfriends laughed and asked me to look at it many a time. Are You a Horse? by Andy Rash - I llove this one.

It' a sweet tale about Roy getting a seat with the directions for his birthday: "1 "1. Find a steed, 2. Enjoy the ride. "Roy doesn't know what a pony is, so this is about his trial for locating a pony. At the end I loved the turn that took my girl (and me) by surprise and laughed at her.

Horses are free: All my little girl love the lead pony in this game. Girl Who Love Wild Horses by Paul Goble - Nice history, nice illustration. Though my little girlfriends weren't very touched, I did love this one. Still, Little Horsie by Jane Yolen - A charming little novel about mummy horses keeping watch over their newborns.

Susanna Davidson's The Story of Black Beauty - Another great re-telling of this one. Well, my girlfriends just seemed to like the other one a little better. It was a full horse arena from Peter Hansard - I couldn't classify it as a fantasy or a nun. Horses: Patricia Hubbell's Race! - This guide has memorable words and good information about horse races, their care and various tasks horses perform.

Naturebooks Farm Animals by Mary Ann McDonald - This one had some more detailled information than (and wasn't as funny to reread as) "Trotting! Sheri Doyle's horses in a nutshell. l like horses and ponies: More than 50 Breeds of Nichola Jane Swinney - This is a wonderful little novel that my mother has just given to the youngsters.

It is not that you have to sit down and read, at least not at their ages, but they enjoy looking at it and learning more about the different races of horses. Steven Otfinoski's Horses (Animals Animals Animals) was a little too verbose for my little ones, even though I flew over it and they still deserved some awesome new Things.

What's my favourite thing about this one is the pictures. Beyond the usual photographs of horses grazing or looking over a barn door or wearing a horsewoman... This guide contains photographs of horses gnawing at each other, making fun faces, showing their fangs and more. O Gallop Gallop by Sandra Alonzo - I haven't really finished this whole novel for my girl.

Well, I just don't relish readin' them a volume of verse. Some of the lyrics are good, but not an entire volume of that length. What is your favourite equestrian books?

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