Pig Feed


Purina pig feed allows you to achieve the highest possible yield. Search our pig feed options to find the feed that best suits your needs. The feeds from Country Feeds provide an even diet for pigs, breeding pigs and sows. Store for pig feed and other feed for your cattle or farm animals. Not one of them is in the pig business.

Less expensive pig feed

Four dollars of maize inspires many peasants. While there are not many alternative methods to costly maize for swine, one of them is the dry grain of alcohol by-product distillators (DDG). You get 17 pound DDG from the backend for every bushels of maize you process. The head of Land O'Lakes Purina Feed O'Lakes by-product engineering assistance, Harold Tilstra, says that DDG can be used to feed between 10% and 25% of fattening hogs.

A number of bioethanol facilities are removing the sludge and thus reducing the DDG's calorific value. However, pig feed is really about the single fatty acid that make up the proteins. "DDG is low in maize like DDG," says Tilstra. "knowing the steps and completing them accordingly." When you are new to DDG feed, begin with a ration of five to 10%, says Tilstra.

You' ll get to know its riding qualities and you can increase the level if you feel well. "Bastards are prone to taste," he goes on. If you don't want to feed DDG for a while, then stop, then go back to it." If you produce alcohol, take the toxins that were in 56 lbs of maize, and focus them in 17 lbs of DDG - a triple dose of hazard.

"Little bastards need a particular diet," says Tilstra. "We do not suggest DDG in early kindergarten doses, but we see rates of 10% to 25% in later kindergarten doses. Swine will then seamlessly pass into DDG-containing feed." The DDG is rich in available phosphorous, which means that you can decrease this vitamin by feeding DDG.

20% DDG in a ready-to-eat feed resulted in a saving of $4.47 per tonne of feed or $1.34 per pig in comparison to a conventional maize feed. "Everything depends on your position and the ratio of prices between the ingredients," Tilstra sums up. Four dollars of maize inspires many peasants.

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