Pink Western Tack

Western Pink Tack

The Weaver Pink Vintage Paisley Headstall at Mary's is a western headband headstand with engraved buckles, suede overlays. Screen Pink for these Cowgirl Tack Kits TURQUOISE Pink & Pink Fringes, $165-$375; Rockn' Wilsons. Hot pink is a favourite amongowgirls! It' looking good on white and black ponies.

The headpieces and necklaces are designed to put you and your equine in the limelight. Set Showman Fringe Headstall, $119.99; Hay River Tack. Fringes are an eye-catcher!

It is a joyful line with its singular design and glittering strass stones. The cost of the headpiece, rein and chest neck is unbeatable. $120.00 Showman breastcancer headpiece kit; Hay River Tack. Deliver the gospel of optimism with this lightly tinted breastcancer-kit. These clasps have shimmering gemstones that make this line a favourite.

Gold & Pink Violet Pink $485; Deuce Wild Tack. When you are looking for a soft pink, this kit is for you! Chest neck and headpiece show an Aztecan design. High-grade clasps make this range long-lived and high-quality. It is a great match for the darkbrown colored grain leathers and checkered prints.

The Bold Swarovski Crystals and high-grade hi-tech equipment make up this exclusive range. The pink colour has long been a favourite among women. Take some of this turn today.

Vintage Weaver Paisley Headstall, pink

Weaver' Vintage Paulie head stall is a new interpretation of the genuine western tack with pink paiday overlays and elaborate details. Robust headband headpiece made of high-quality British fence-skin. The two inches broad tapering cheeks and headband are covered with suede in pink, purple, and cyan.

Thick, whit denim-style seams look wonderful against the dark bay color. The Vintage Paisley nosebands and chest collars are also available to make a nice turn!

Rose-Pink-Western Tack, Choco, Vintage Paisley Chest collar

Make a marvellous neck collar in pink or chocolate with the Weaver Vintage Paisley! Matching the Vintage Paisley Headstall in Pink and the One Ear Headstall in Chocolate, as well as the nose strap! Wonderful, strong, robust Western tack from Weaver is made in the USA from high-quality British genuine leathers.

The chest plate is covered with a velour waisley and accentuated with thick seams. Luxurious steamed jewels with ancient earrings and parasol stains. The pink cover has brighter pink, oranges and teals with ancient chrome plated straps and parasol patches. Make your individual tack kit today and get years of Weaver experience.

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