Pinto Arabian Horses for Sale

Pintó Arabian Horses for sale

Arab and semi-Arab horses by GS Khochise and NYN Hisani for sale. Cyclo-Cross Timbers Arabians and Pintos - Pinto Arabians, Half-Arabians, Pain Arabians Horses for sale, Stallions, Texas,USA Transylvania is a small Pinto Arabian Horse Rearing Farms in the metropolis of Dallas/FtWorth, Texas. Our focus is on the production of goodness instead of abundance and therefore we only make 2 or 3 Pinto and Arabian colts per year. It is our aim to consequently make horses with a large disposition; a sports horses with sporty performance under yoke;

eventing for holsters, westerns or englishs; in combination with the arabic style in the Tobiano-colours of the Pinto Arabian or the nice cove, knows (grey), maroon or dark arabian.

We expect all our horses to ripen well over 15+hhh, many over 14hhh at the tender of 12 mo. Arabian champions of Crabbet, CMK, Polish, Egyptian and Russisch as well as Paint and Quartershorse baselines of King P234 and Leo. All our mares are embossed at the time of delivery.

In combination with frequent use, maintenance and preventive healthcare, our mares become a pleasure to own and work out. Weaned Costa Rica, the United Kingdom and have also won world championship title, who compete with ham owners against older horses with established tournament record and pro coaches/handlers! We' re a doubly homozygot stud, both for the Thoroughbred and Tabiano APHA Paint PtHA Pinto stallions, who has produced the several times World Champion title Pinto Arabians.

Not only is Leo Dakota GB an excellent line of athletes raised with the King P234 and Leo Celebrities' Centre for chopping and reins, he is also a naturally sporting mare and enjoys show jumps and events. siblings of the unison world champion Pinto Arabian Stallion, My JigSaw Puzzle and his 2005 TT World Champion Pinto Arabian twin, Starlight Express CTA.

was a PtHA TT WORLD CHAMPION stallion with 16 Wochen - first show USA. Have a look at the Arabian look, hair and throat on this one year old stallion)Congratulations to Sharon Thorne, King's owner and handler! Pint Arabian horses and colts for sale! She' a big, wonderful black and white Tobiano Pinto Arabian filly.

CTA Kachina Sky Bars is a full sibling of the World Champion Pinto Arabian colt Black Chaytan CTA. Apr 2008 stallion Pinto Arabian colt. sibling of TT World Champion King Muscateer CTA, from her Pain Arabianbreed. Please click here to see our other colts and horses for sale with on-line video, which you can see on our sales pages.

Tri Colour Pinto 63/64 Arabian 2007 filly shown above. The filly will be a Pintoabian manufacturer of over 99% Arabian pintos when grown with Arabian males. From now on we will breed full siblings for sale. Black Tobiano Pinto Paint Stallion, father of several world champions.

Siblings become World Champion siblings! Have a look at our Pinto Arabian foal, which we expect in 2009 and which we will offer for sale here. Please click here to see our list of Arabian, Semi-Arab and Pinto-Arab horses for sale. It also breeds thoroughbred Arabian sport horses. Arab sport horses that are big, handsome and sporty.

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