Plaid Horse Magazine

The Plaid Horse Magazine

Canada's leading horse show magazine, The Plaid Horse. Which are some of your favorite songs about horses? Plaid Horse Magazine is the national premiere HUNTER JUMPER horse show magazine!

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Plaid Horse Magazine in new possession

NY, Canton - June 30, 2014 - Piper Klemm PhD LLC of Canton, NY, purchased the horse magazine The Plaid Horse from Cindy Taylor on June 1, 2014. Plaid Horse, known as America's Premiere Horse Show Magazine, is featured at evaluated, non-evaluated and intercollegial horse shows throughout the state.

It recently commemorated its eleventh year in the service of the horse show business. "I' ve been admiring The Plaid Horse for years," says Dr. Piper Klemm. "After I had contributed papers and photos in recent years, I had the chance to purchase the book and lay the groundwork for the post.

The first aim is to keep Cindy's great work at the service of the horse show community." It will also keep the magazine up to date on what the reader knows and loves, while extending the coverage of its website, mailinglist and online marketing to the latest horse show headlines, advertiser headlines and informational editorial.

Taylor, who retains ownership of and will remain in the lead of The Paisley Pony Magazine, while Dr. Klemm will now lead The Plaid Horse: "I'm excited about the outlook for The Plaid Horse under Piper's leadership and look forward to concentrating my energies on The Paisley Pony," said Taylor.

Dr. Klemm is an energetic member of the USEF hunter/jumper fellowship and possesses the hunting ponys Brighton Boast A Bit, Brighton Precisely, Europium, Stonewall Black Pearl, Sugarbrook Positron Blue, Vermont Ruby Fox and Vermont Maple Fox. Dr. Klemm also has a PhD in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and is CEO of the chemicals group Klemm Hill LLC.

As a free-lance author, she has authored and collaborated on photographs for various horse releases, among others for the USEF Ponies Finals and Grands Prix competitions throughout the state.

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