Plastic Cross Country Jumps

Synthetic cross-country jumps

There are cross-country jump flags available individually, in pairs or in pairs with poles. High quality flexible plastic flags sit on high quality PVC masts. Here you will find our complete range of plastic products:- Show Jumps, Poles, Gate, Filers, Jumpsets, Mounting Blocks, Tackboxes and much more. Also suitable for cross-country jumps. High quality birch hurdles made of plastic at the best possible price from Watts Fences.

Cross-country jumping flags for versatility riding with poles

Two cross country vaulters come to a couple. High-grade plastic banners are mounted on high-quality PVC masts. Jumping banners can be fitted into the posts with a straightforward plug-in system. When a mast is broken, you can easily substitute the flag by just boring a drill into the top of the mast.

Cross Country Dive Boards are made in LA, California. You send free of charge throughout the country. They are available with or without PVC rods. PVC masts, which can be supplied with the flag, are lacquered whit. It is possible to varnish the polycarbonate yourself or to buy the pre-painted bars to conserve it.

There are also small perforations in the top of the sticks we are selling. This small perforation is needed to save the tags with the supplied hardwar. The flagstaff on the XC jumping vane is secured by a plug-in system. This system is made up of only three parts - a plastic stopper, a bolt and the lug itself.

I can fit the lug in the connector. Then the connector with the lug is plugged into the top of the PCV. There is a small bolt to fix the flag/plug unit to the mast. When the mast ever cracks, change it to the flag/plug system. Every kit of banners with rods is supplied with four quick-release rod brackets.

Comes with a kit of bolts - a wooden bolt and a bolt for thread cracks. Bolts for the plug-in system are supplied. We build our cross-country banners to order right here in California.

Equestrian jumping, dressage, stable equipment

Find out about our delivery policy and how the tariffs are computed. Attention: Pricing and product specifications are subject to alteration without prior notification. each with 15 bayonet and 15 flag, with fixing clip. Including dispatch in the USA 20 each of 20 reds and 20 whites with fixing clip. Each plate is either plain color either one color orange or one color amber.

Numbers and letters: blank backgrounds. All pins are not the same! Our products are manufactured in the USA and comply with all RDI specification. NOTE: Enter the precise amount in the Notes/Comments area when you are on the PayPal basket page. Bright and easily visible bright amber marking spheres are advisable for drivers' coaches.

Attention: Rates and product information are subject to alteration without prior notification. The warranty does not cover shipment and applies only to the first buyer. We can, however, make a payment via e-mail that allows you to use American Express for your on-line payment.

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