Plastic Horse Jumps Australia

Synthetic Horse Jumps Australia

Cavaletti block made of plastic for ground work. The plastic caps at both ends ensure that the poles fit well in the cups. Jump aids/accessories - Flaneur Equine It is a multi-purpose assembly unit and Cavaletti in one. It is possible to place workout sticks in the notches. Color: navy.

Colors: upholstery: upholstery: white, orange and orange. Minicavaletti unit made of plastic for flooring work. Colors: azure, lilac, fawn or amber. Measures ca. 250 x 120 x 200mm, weigth 500g. Synthetic Cavaletti unit for flooring work.

Due to the built-in stack studs, the workout pad can be transformed into a small leap or a climber. Colors: azure, amber, turquoise, cyan. Measures: ca. 550 x 440 x 220mm, approximate mass 2,9kg. Synthetic Cavaletti unit for flooring work. Colors: azure, amber, turquoise, cyan. Measures ca. 540 x 340 x 450mm, approximate mass 4,1kg.

It' simple to call the Growi horse pad handy and ingenious. Long-lasting, high-quality plastic monobloc. Colors: reddish, darkgreen, blue each. Measurements 830 x 630 x 300mm, approximate mass 7,3kg. Cavaletti can be used as a supporting system for soil work. On each side of the Cavaletti pedestal there are two mounts for transfer rods with a diametre of 80 - 100 mm.

Sizes 550 x 440 x 270mm. One side of the column has solid beakers. You can attach a key hole track made of stainless steal to use custom step height or security braces. With the multi cube you can achieve different step height and depth. You have the possibility to mount two obstacles pillars, for work on the floor it can be used to make sure that the jumping bars are set securely.

Sizes 750 x 550 x 380mm. Measurements: Aluminum Cavalettis are versatile, have a high degree of strength, a low tare weigh, are sturdy and weather-resistant. Suitable for round bars with a 100mm dia. Obstruction vane made of waterproof plastic, attachable, with mounting bracket. Keyhole for cup, 24mm dia., made of galvanized stainless steal, 1500mm long.

Keyhole for chalice, 24mm perforation, made of impact-resistant plastic, fibreglass filled, pluggable, rail length 500mm. Protection cover for 100mm bouncing bars. Galvanized frames for the storage and transport of bouncing tracks. Altogether 6 round pipe holders for the mounting of the tracks. You can also place tracks on the ground.

Shelf for about 60 tracks. Measures ca. 1550mm x 1200mm (H x W). Altogether 3 round pipe holders for mounting snap bars which are bolted to the walls. Measures ca. 1550mm x 600 mm (H x W).

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