Plastic Jump Stands

Jumping stand made of plastic

Simply fold down the stands to change the height. Our jumping stand's unique base design offers far more stability than most other plastic jumps with steel bases and traditional wooden jumps, and all this at a lower weight. The jumping components are highly durable and are made in the USA from waterproof high-density plastic. " This smaller jump size includes, Pony Post Standards,. The Jump Course Flags;

Red and white plastic flags to attach to your jumping standards.

A realistic wooden jump with stands for cross country jumping

Ideal for indoors events, real wooden cracks are 1 ft high and 6 ft long. Trunks can be placed in the supplied stands to raise the rig. Stands and cargo boxes are sent free of charge within the USA. High-grade, real-world high-density polyethylene protocol that is immediately operational. Six Feet long, one Footed Width, about 45 Ibs.

Jumpers are also available. Contains a unique, artificial tree trunk that is 1 ft high, 1 ft broad and 6 ft long. Including 2 flat stands. Small inclines bring the trunk off the floor and raise the jump from 12 inches to 19 inches. If you want to raise the stand in 4 -inch steps, you can buy lower stands.

Are you looking for a higher jump? Begin with the individual cross-country logbook with grandstands and go from 19in to 3'7?. This is the same real wooden block, but the full size of the stand rises from 1 ft to 3? 7?. To increment the stand by 4 " steps, you can include a kit of extra stands.

Saves about $200 when you buy a record of protocols (compared to the individual protocol price). Protocols can be adjusted from 1 ft to 3? 7? If you want to build an ox or even a vertex, a pair of real wooden blocks for bouncing is made. Cut the trunks to make a jump good enough for the hardest indoors.

Lower stands can be piled to raise the trunk by 4in.

Welcome to ATE / Jump Standards

ASTE Weltklasse Tech Aluminium pole vault standard to satisfy the requirements of the highest athlete. He can be adjusted from 2.43 meters (8') to 2.64 meters (21') high. The standards are highly effective, powerful and stainless. Extender have extra points to place the crosshead at a lower heigth. Infinitely adjustable sliding system.

The casting setting ensures efficient securing of the level. With additional extenders the crosshead can be lowered 1 m. Anodised extruded aluminum section 140mm x 59mm x 5.5mm thick. The telescope pipe is made of 41,5mm x 41,5mm x 3mm aluminum. The ATE Athens pole vault standards all have a slippery, sliding and steady escape.

Fast position due to gentle glide.

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