Plastic Jump Wings

Synthetic jump gliders

It can be used on all types of tracks, which are ideal for jumping. Cups Horse Show Jump Jumping Wings Rails. Stable jumping pole sections - Detail view - Stable jumping blocks - Detail view - Stable jumping wings.

Jumping plastic surfaces & plastic poles

They are perfect for the entry into show jumps..... Jump heights in 10cm steps up to 1.7m are indicated on both sides of the sash. Also we deliver jump and training jumpers. Plastic jump numbers and training markings. The Jump Number Marker is the logical evolution of the elite marker.

Our purpose-built and strong designs make Summit marks simple to wear, robust for all floor situations and simple to keep in good condition for cleaning and maintenance. The numberset consists of an easily carried numberset 1 - 12 with 2 x A and 1 x W and 1x C and costs 180,00 Euro inclusive TV.

Also we deliver the jump numbers.

Military paratrooper chrome car emblem: Automotive

Glossy chrome-plated surfaces guarantee a long service life of the vehicles! Fastened with 3M lacquer-safe expanded polystyrene masking film ( "foam" tape) (not affected by harsh climatic conditions or washing machines); can stick to any flat metallic, plastic or glazed surfaces. This is the ideal way to present your Army proud wherever you are driving, a real update of your transfers and license plates.

WARNUNG: Army paratrooper chromium badge ( 4" x 2" x .125") from Elektroplate. The OEM method (ABS plastic centre with real chrome-plated metallic finish) Glossy chromium plating guarantees a long service life of the vehicles! NO inexpensive plastic embossing mimic. The electroplate automobile badges all have a chrome-plated metallic finishing to resist the rough use outdoors.

Their paratrooper car logo will look brandnew for the next few years (as distinct from inexpensive imitation cars that either disappear or flake off within a few month of using your vehicle). With our high-end car logos, you can present your Army proud wherever you go, a real update of your car transfers and car sticker.

Furthermore, all electroplate chromium badges are packed in an attractive sales package to make a great present or sock.

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