Plastic show Jump Sets

Synthetic Jumping Sets

Synthetic Horse Show jumps blocks horses jumping. Made of PVC - Horse Jumping Sets - Jumping Cups: The widest range of plastic ski jumps specially designed for the safety of horse and rider. From the very beginning, their goal was to build safe and manageable jumping fences. Plastic reversible cups with attached pin.

Plastic-coated wood piles kit

Plastic-coated wood piles. Please specify the colour of your choice for each item in your order! Release date: No bonus points for this game. Plastic-coated wood piles. Please specify the colour of your choice for each item in your order! Plastic-coated wood piles. The bars of the security system are made of a wood inner part sheltered by a plastic covering that ensures a long service life.

Protection cap is weatherproof. Safty System AB is a Swedisch enterprise that has been developing and producing spring fencing since 1989. From the very beginning, their goal was to build secure and clear spring fencing. 3 years guarantee on all plastic parts.

This plastic is 100% recycable.

Leashes, mobility tables, tunnels, dog excursions

Stable SOLID PLASTIC (NO WOOD) snap. Weighing about the same weight as our old wooden sets, but without the necessary service and attention (i.e. NO PAINTING). Mounted with galvanised steel pins and fasteners for a long service lifetime with the right cleaning. The cracks are light, simple to use, mount and dismount with wingnuts (NO TOOLS required) for simple support.

The AKC 4' exercise sets (JU44) have been developed according to the AKC Obedience spec. One bottom plank (4"), 3-8" plank, 1-4" plank and 1-2" plank for any desired jump high. The bar jump has adjusted all 2" position. Long jumping is made up of 4 obstacles. One bottom plank (4"), 3-8" plank, 1-4" plank, 1-2" plank and 1-1" plank for any desired jump heigth.

It has all 1" position and the Broad Jump is 4-8 " obstacles, with the bottom barrier being 2 compartments each 4" high. Plastic-wood jump size (required):


Each of our cracks is made of processed timber and mounted with studs and studs as well as pins and water-resistant adhesive for longevity and longevity. Training standard, slides, flower pots and jump mugs are available. We also have a small splint support called cleavallox (used like the plastic Blox but made of processed wood).

Also we accept custom-made products for the wall, stables, goals and specific cracks such as edges and lunges. You can also use our stan-dards in a pair to create a show stan-dard with a fountain pen attached between the two stan-dards. Firstly, because the show will be broken down to two schools and you will have twice as many leaps if a show will not be needed.

Secondly, the default is less difficult to move, as each piece can be handled individually rather than carrying it all at once. Boom racks cost $18 each. Tracks are 4" x 12' The tracks are round and finished; they are in the colour of course, but can be slightly coated if you like.

Potter Steel Jump Mugs are available for your comfort. If you need it, we also have shallow pots for wall or board. There is also a small splint support called cleavallox (used like the plastic Blox, but made of processed wood). You can adjust our cleavallox for 9", 16" and 24" high.

There are no jump mugs needed and they are lightweight enough to hold a couple at once. Also available with lettering for horses in horses. Ready for Eventing Pack is a kit of equipment that provides you with a base kit for your own barn or that you can simply keep in the barn where you enter.

This pack contains a pack of 8 pairs of 8 horses, each with one of the lettering on the side. There' also a 4' sets of defaults, a couple of cup and 6 jump rail. Place the horse on the weed or in the sandring in the basic ring design and you have your own ring to practise all your puppets and designs.

If you and your stallion can no longer handle this, take the cleavallox and use it for small leaps or exercise that lead to the high standards placed in a cross rail or upright with a placing. Combination of one or two sets of cleavallox with the default for a dual or tri-ox.

Prepared for Dressur Bundle costs $275 The Prepared for Dressur Bundle includes 8 pairs of 4 racks of 4 horses. You can use the template to select a training area. Alternatively, use the 9 " or 16" high cushions with the splints so that your horses learns to flex these feet correctly while trotting.

Are you looking for a specific jump article (e.g. co-op, roll top, flower box, door, tradional cavaletti), call us or write us an e-mail and we will be pleased to talk about your requirements. We' ve recently created an adaptable edge jump for an eventers and a lungeing jump specification for a coach that can be used with their studen.

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