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Irish Plastic Jumping

Wellcome to Rosrowan Horse Jumps page. The Dublin Horse Show and . Equestrian Centre in Athloney This is a really powerful three-jump tumbler stand that fits the lips of 205L (46 gallons) stainless steels cans. Separate height under the bar of 97cm (38"), 71cm (28") and 46cm (18"). Sturdy stainless steal design without crisp corners.

Exceptionally sturdy anti-slip plastic with quick-release fastening points. Suitable for aluminum and plastic spring caddy holders.


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Rozrowan Horse Jumps

Located in the centre of Quin, Co Clare, Rosrowan Jumps designs and manufactures high grade wooden jumps and overhangs. From the occasional rider to the pros, we offer a product line that is tailored to the needs of each individual. For all those who are active in show jumps, motocross and trac or just want to train their own stallions, we offer jumps and jumps.

Our jumps and obstructions are all made of pressure-treated wood, manufactured and refined to the highest standards to deliver secure, long-lasting and appealing results. Racks, casements, bouncing bars, goals and accessoires, e.g. beakers. We can also produce other jumping or obstacle models, such as TREC PTV barriers or variants of our existing range of equestrian jumping and obstacle systems, to customer specifications.

The unique and tailor-made Low Branches barrier was used in 2013 in nationwide competition. Select from the colour samples and colors shown in the gallery or contact us to discuss the designs and colors you would like. For more information on the offered goods and pricing please see our Product & Pricing page.

Have a look at the gallery to see pictures of our product. When you do not see what you want from the latest product we are offering, please do not hesitate to do so.

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