Play Horse Accessories

Playhorse Accessories

Horse generation This Camarillo Haarspielpferd has an especially long brusheable head and tails and is delivered with various accessories - 2 headbands ( rose and lilac ), 2 hairbands, 2 felt flowers headbands, 2 cardiac hairbands, 1 rose nut, 1 rug, 1 brush and more! We are a new, diverse collection of young women who play field games, are active in charity organizations, dress fashionably and still find enough space to be, you know, children! Part of the revenue from each purchase is donated to Free The Children's Power of a Girl Initiative to help educate young women in poor nations.

Every doll, clothing and accessory is made of secure, meticulously selected, high-quality materials.

Specification of products

He' s a fully organized buckaroo right here for the roll call! Austen is elegantly clad in horse back suits: denim with buckskin hats, cowboys hats, cowboys hats, shoes and button-down shirts. With a body size of 8" he is the ideal horse for every Breyer Traditionelle horse! Breyer's equestrian puppets give every horse game adventure lots of joy and realisticness!

The manufacturer of the world's best models is breyer! From 1950, Broyer has been bringing to live a broad variety of horse races from around the globe to play and collect - among them true horse characters such as the Race Horse Secretariat, Olympic participant Valegro and superb Big Chex to Cash! Traditional Series provides an unparalleled degree of reality and detail that is valued by kids and grown-ups both.

Every 1:9 scaled 1:9 is painstakingly painterly finished by hand-painting in vibrant colours, so no two are alike. Bringing an unbelievable fellowship of modeling horse admirers, artisans and gatherers, Bréyer is proud to organize BréyerFest: a three-day extravagance for horse and bréyer admirers and admirers every July in Kentucky, bringing a Bréyer home and letting your fantasy run free.

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