Play Horse Stable

playpen stable

Playset for riders of all ages! There are eight toy horses, each in its own wooden stable. Shipment & Charges Details "currentDimCombID ":"""", pageRefreshRefactor":1, "useVariationsOverlay":0, "asinToDimIndexMapData":{}, "twisterMarkImageLoad":1, "storeID": "toys-and-games"}; //selectively not escape.

come back dataToReturn; }); A game for riders of any agge! There are eight toys in this beautiful stable, each in its own stable. Open the stable door to take it out to play and then put it back in your stable until the next big horse show!

This stable stall made of wood has a convenient grip on the top, a child-proof metallic lock on the broad wood door and an illustrative pedigree leader on the underside with information on each horse. Contains also inscription stickers, so that the pupils can name each horse and mark the stables! Melissa & Doug handicrafts, handicraft, toys as well as play offer a platform to stimulate the fantasy and amazement of all of our youngsters so that they can explore themselves, their passion and their use.

Melissa & Doug has always developed new, open-minded ideas, new opportunities for children and endless play opportunities since the foundation of the business more than 25 years ago. The manufacturer's guarantee can be obtained from the after sales department to make a query to the after sales department.


The stable has 8 different breed of horse. Some of my girls had a fourth horse, Andalusians, Color, Aennessee Hiking Horse, Appaloosa (her fav), Thoroughbreds, Arabs and Morgans. Each of these animals is marked on a label on the floor of the stable. Stable itself is made of massive timber and well-constructed.

However, the internal horse is very inexpensive. They' re badly decorated and our Tennessee Hiking Horse was yelow. All of the ponies are upright, but most of them are not alone. Fortunately we have collected some smaller slow stealth ponies that go very well in the stable.

Eluxe Horse Stable

You can place a fencing outside the stable together with the supplied watering trough to give the horse a willow.

Constructed from robust wooden materials for years of creative play. I' m so happy we went in that hayloft! It is great for Barbie ponies, mini-American girl puppets and probably Barbies, but they have not done this yet. its nice, a good sized, hard enough to remain set and comes with some sweet accessoires too.

This stable was purchased for use with Barbie and fits perfectly! The only thing I have to complain about is the wood bar to which the stable door is fixed, which is not very stable. It is a stable to play with Barbie-doll. Grandchildren like it. Ideal for Breyer traditionals.

The granddaughter's room - she likes a horse. She' s in passion for the horse and this stable works for her big and small horse. Can I buy additional fences to increase the size of the "horse pasture"? Are the stables big enough for her? Is that for a barbeque horse?

Can a Breyer Classic horse go 1:12 into the stable or is it for the smaller Breyer horse? How big would a horse to be?

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