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What's a P.M.U. horse? Signature page for adoption (for online applicants);

selling and breeding guidelines; photos: For cattle breeders who do not offer their foals for sale, slaughter is the option. Locate horses for sale that were involved in the collection of pregnant mare urine (PMU). For now, put aside your belief that the PMU industry (pregnant mare urine) is right or wrong.

Females were asked to stop taking Premarin, and night came to an end.

Females were asked to stop taking Premarin, and night came to an end. In the next 2 years the industrial sector became smaller and smaller and most of the broodmare and foal were slaughtered. On the " Pinkelinie " the number of stallions was decreased from 50.000 to 10.000. Quickly by 2015, and the sector is once again expanding.

Tell all those who know about this horrible practise and ask them not to take PMU-containing medication. Join us in finding houses for horses thrown by this trade.

PMU/Mare Foal Rescue - Saving Horses, Inc.

Prenatal mare ureine is used in the production of Premarin, the feminine substitute for hormones. 2,300 horses have found a home via Animali Farm, has planted 1000 horses. Also Jennifer and Cheryl take horses to their farm where they train with Monty Roberts for some while. The United Pegasus Foundation in South California also saves PMUs.

Since 1996 they have saved 2980 colts and 2000 broodmares. Those broodmares and colts were saved both directly from the cattle breeders and from butchering. United Pegasus says many of the offspring in remote areas of Canada have almost no opportunity to find a home as sports horses, workhorses or cattle.

For cattle breeders who do not offer their offspring for sale, slaughtering is the optional solution. At the beginning of September, the two to five-month-old colts are taken from their dams and auctioned at the beginning of September, where they are auctioned from pounds to meat packers. Since 1996, United Pegasus agents have been watching Manitoba horse auction, and although over 1200 fillies have been saved, it is heart-rending to see tens of millions of innocent fillies sent for butchery.

It will always be necessary to save both the broodmarts that are no longer breedable and the colts until the abolition of the Premarin-instrument. United Pegasus was in Canada at the moment of the letter and was rescuing broodmares and colts, some of them already in the butchery.

Also United Pegasus has PMU broodmares and different age colts available. For more information, to see the horses and to make a contribution, please come to United Pegasus. Nurses filly bottom from l.h. to r.h: and Shiloh saved by Adopt-a-Foal. View the Nurses' Filly movie, click here.

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