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We offer Polo Valley trial weekends so that customers can really get to know the Polo ponies for sale before making a final decision. It is quiet enough to be used in the Polo School string as well. The Polo Ponys for Sale - Polo Valley offers a range of high-quality polo ponies.

Simple and forward directed, perfectly designed part-on fringe that has scored up to 8 goals. Quick and agil on the court with a very balanced temper and a sensitive mind. Amazing middle target for patrons or professionals. Extreme smooth palate, very quick reacting and agil with a balanced temper and sweeter temper.

Amazing low or middle target for patrons or professionals. It'?s a great sponsor bangs that never sets feet incorrect. Extremely simple, quick to react and willing and always aiming to please. Ideal for beginners, for an amateur or a low game. Plays polo with middle or high aim, a great tool for a serious golfer.

She is a very simple and very reactive bangs. She' scored up to 18 goals. A lot of skills and suited for a professional or a benefactor. Took the 14th at the Santa Maria Polo Club. Skilled but sensitive and strong filly, performed several times a season on 14 levels.

Mancha, a powerful benefactor pyramid, plays the middle gate in Sotogrande. She' s a very light filly, not scared of running. She is a very calm filly, very quick to react and has a sensitive snout. A lot of potentials currently in Santa Maria the center gate plays. A Porsche would fit an inexperienced benefactor or pro-gamer.

Manoeuvrable and strong small gelding, great striking deck and suited for all skills.

nonProfits - polo pony rescue

The Polo Pony Rescue concentrates primarily on the search for houses for retired polo ponies, many of which are OTTBs. When you are looking for OTTB, but not quite yet quite grounded, take a look at our horse, which is already sound on trail and/or willing to show. Average in relation to adoptible horse.

There are also refuge ponies, as we do not breed accompanying ponies. Contributed donors from privately owned animals that are not in need of money must come to the salvation with a large contribution. We' ll go up to $400 to buy at an auction at which a stallion runs the chance to go to a killing shopper.

Entry requirements for horses: Often we make decisions on the basis of the probability that the animal is in genuine risk if we do not take the animal. Our main aim is to try to tolerate mainly healthy enough to be used for something, but of course this is not an accurate scientific exercise. Retiring retired stallions that turn out to be healthy and indicate that they should not be saddled at all in the near term.

Every single one of us works with each and every one of them to solve all soil and equestrian problems and make the animal as adoptible as possible. Personal rendezvous; they must rendezvous and take the saddle. and conduct a backgrounder. We' re delivering all the ponies to make sure we see the place where they' re going to be.

No less than every 3 month we track the visit to make sure that the horses are still where they should be and looking well. If the adoptive has any doubts about the education or another problem, we offer "lifelong technical support", which includes inviting him to see and work with a particular animal.

Thereafter the stallion must be given back to us - lifelong, without exception. Of course we are happy to return the horses for any reasons, as this is the only way to keep them safely. When a third person wants to adopted the animal, they must go through our procedure and be authorised and enter into a contractual agreement with us, not with the first user.

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