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Polo-riding boots

TuffRider, Equine Couture and Henri de Rivel fine riding products. A polo international brand based in Argentina and France. We offer you all high quality polo equipment, for horse and for you.

The DeNiro Polo riding boot S5603

S8603 is a sleek and sleek De Niro Full Lake Riding Boat from the popular De Niro series. It is built on the classic riding boots of Victoria. This De Niro Full Lake Riding Boat S8603 has shoelaces that begin at the ankles of the boots and bind them all to the toe.

There is no need to undo the shoelaces because the boots have a back zipper, so the shoelaces can be used for knuckle flex or simply for a decoration effect. A calf leather board behind the actual shoelaces walks from top to bottom to avoid uncomfortable riders and gives you an extreme comfort fit of fully lace-up riding boots that you will not like to take off.

The De Niro Full Lake Riding Boat S8603 comes with a smooth VitaLo calf skin as fitted as standard, but the De Niro Full Lake Riding Boat S8603 is also available in various leathers which can be chosen at an extra surcharge. The Niro riding boots are certainly in their own league when it comes to qualitiy, comforts, longevity and styling, which the De Niro Equiporiums riding boots offer the most recommended top qualitiy and yet a good price-performance ratio.

The boots come with a top-of-the-line zipper and tail zipper protection to prevent the most unusual part of the zipper from falling out for extra strength. De Niro calf skin is of the highest grade and softer, making these boots incomparably comfy from the first minute they wear little or nothing due to their great fitting and their incredibly lather.

Every boots comes with a cushioned footbed for added comforts that really distinguish this make and give the user the feel of going with socks. This De Niro Full Lake Riding Boat S8603 is available in a variety of different styles, colors and features to customize your shoe.

The measurement for your De Niro Full Lake Riding Boot S8603 itself is very straightforward. All we need is your default base height & 2 basic legs that you can take care of yourself. Sizing is a default fit, so choose the one you use most when buying your feet.

The dimensions should be measured when using the standard riding trousers and riding stockings (not over other trousers or naked legs) and the measuring tapes should be kept at a convenient, real size - not too close or too loosely drawn.

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