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Falcon Ultra Polo Helmet (Argentine style). The Palermo is the best choice for safety and style on the polo field. Riding helmet Taylor Made. Polo-helmets for your protection.

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  • Classic Polo chinstrap. IDENTIC to AKOURY & CRAZY AL! Fastener has a stainless steel cap. STYLE POLO. We' re in Lilburn Ga 30047. 100 PERCENT SAME AS AKOURY, CRAZY AL AND WSB! IDENTIC to AKOURY & CRAZY AL! Fastener has a stainless steel cap. STYLE POLO. We' re in Lilburn Ga 30047.


Kasablanca - Clothing & Polo Equipment

Estimated date of shipment for the helmet is two week after your order. The actual date of supply for today ordered crimps is 3 wards. We' ve kept the classical form, a basic food of Casablanca helmet; the height has only risen by 9%, but we have kept the tread as low as possible without affecting it.

With our experience in designing and developing helmets, we have been able to lighten the NEU's body mass and develop our hitherto lightweight one. It is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows maximal airflow through the shell and reduces the internal temperatures. Security is our top of the list, so we now only provide the 3-point restraint system to ensure your hardhat stays in place when you need it.

First to use this technique in the Polo, the easily detachable magnet strap allows you to loosen or secure the strap with just one finger. Casablanca's other innovative product, the classical sweat band, is detachable to make washing more convenient. Including an inside pocket to set the headrest and the seat on the skull.


Unfortunately, many polo hats only provide temporary cover and thus a wrong feeling of safety. Headache is one of the most frequent wounds in polo, and polo dressings around the globe require the player to be wearing a helmet. with the chin strap or belt properly attached when riding on a polo terrain.

All polo hats must be used during the game. As of 1 January 2018, PAS015:2011 with CE marking (type must be homologated by a Notified Body for Personal Protective Equipment in the UK), SNELL E2001, VG1 01.040 2014-12 or UTAC/CRITT 04/2015 must be used. The most polo helmets are not certified!

Most polohelmets do not carry a certificate, except for a few of them, although all poloheadquets marketed in Europe must bear the CE marking as proof that they have been approved to a specifications or standards that meet or exceed the essential human and animal protection standards of the Personal Protective Equipment Directive (89/686/EEC).

However, this does not necessarily mean that an uncertified type of hearing aid does not provide adequate protective equipment, BUT the overwhelming bulk of non-certified hearing aids do not: A Loughborough University Design School alumnus and ARMIS polohead design student, Robin Spicer has taken apart many common poloheads, and his findings are not heartening. (click on the image to the lefthand side to learn more).

In order to provide adequate safety, polo-masks should therefore comply with the three points mentioned above and be CE-certified according to one of the following norms (in increasing order of testing requirements): For the sake of power and enjoyment on the pitch, we have chosen to use only polo helmets: are our supplier of EU-certified polo hats (click on the logo for more information):

PLEASE NOTE: The famous polo helmet manufacturer Falcon Polo has unfortunately chosen not to provide a certificated one for the international markets. If this should be changed, we will gladly include Falcon in our catalogue.

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