Polyjump Mini Blocks

Mini Polyjump Blocks

PolyJump Mini Block is used for height work, e.g. raised masts. Kit contains six mini-blocks.

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Contains 4 x 5-Band Per Sticks with 6 mini-blocks. The' mini-block' is an advantage for working at height, improves coordination and improves flat work. The multidirectional form also allows for more creativity in the workout. The' Mini Block' is lightweight, does not decay and has no clear cut-offs.

Mini-blocks - package of 6 pieces

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Mini-Blocks (pack of 6)

Perfect for outdoor exercise, small and simple to stow away in the house, in your own home, in your own home or in your own backyard. The multidirectional form also allows you to train more creatively. Mini-blocks are available in different colors. Notice: The images show mini-blocks in use with rods - the rods are not supplied.

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