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PONEY HQ'S MOST ANTICIPATED STOCK RELEASE IS BACK! Join the Poney promotions and find the latest catalogues and sales at your favourite toy and baby shops. homepage As I was looking for...

some t-shirts for my children, there were 3-4 Poney employees who laughed out loud, rolled on the ground and teased each other. The clients were in and out, but they didn't welcome any and didn't provide their services. Personnel was as it was before.

l was just at the register. A man came and stood by the treasurer and did nothing. And so I said to the personnel, "Dik, hepatlah. However, the personnel just stands there and says he's awaiting the cash register. Later, a Chinaman girls came from below who joined the "fight" with the other males.

and he pointed out the maid. All of a sudden the young lady was approaching the bar with disorganized head of fur, making a face and without the personality of a man who wants to wait on a client, she said "19 ringgits! She asked her why she didn't take care of the client as she should, and she only answered without looking at "Ini vaktu rehabilitation saya".

And I said to her, " Kalau vaktu rehabilitation, kamu pathut letak teanda di sine supaya orangeang vaktli vaktu rehabilitation. Take Begin then came back and see the hatch of the pelanggan. How high is Poney's degree of client support?! Not only is the fundamental after sales support completely superfluous, it is also the discourtesy that is used!

Poney's! Well, I can tell you I'm a regular Poney client. From 2006 to 2018 I bought Poney for my children. Well, I suppose this will be my last trip to one of Poney's. Incidentally, the impolite teller called Wen.

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There was no ad found. No mother is unfamiliar with PONEY Malaysia. The PONEY is a coveted trademark with a high level of quality and value. Every item is designed in the subtle detail with modern designs and vivid colors to attract the younger generations here or at any of their stores that can be used in any of their boutiques:

PONEY, babe PONEY and enfant PONEY. For more savings, visit the Hot Buy section for great selling and keep an eye out for PONEY Online Deals for up to 30% off. Stop by at a PONEY Warehouse Sale and you can find stunning offers starting at RM9 for children's and babies' clothing.

Keep up to date and don't miss PONEY promotions and PONEY Warehouse Sales!

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