Ponies for Sale in Ireland

Ponys for sale in Ireland

Middle School SRT / Junior Event Horse, Keenogue Pretty Woman, Kilshannyny Suzanne. The Connemara Pony studbook horses for sale. Jenvyle Fisheries Connemara Ltd. is a registered company in Ireland.

ponies - Horses & Ponies, for sale in Ireland

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Sell Connemara Ponies

Looking for top Connemara gelding to buy? There is a top choice of ponies for sale from the age of 4. Our ponies are all coached at the highest level by our local coaches, who have both received many accolades for the excellence and competence of their riding skills. If you buy from us, you can come from a broad assortment and try out and find the perfect and most appropriate pony for you.

We' re looking for an honorable, powerful bangs, willing to work and simple to use. By eliminating all negative customs, we achieve the perfect spirit and ability to cooperate. Our company has got possible star in the production and our goal is that these ponies go to appropriate houses where the new owners get the best enjoyment and the biggest results with their new ponies for many years.

Following a stay with us, we sincerely expect you to come back home with a new fringe that will give you many happy and successful years. To see the latest and most up-to-date selections, please go to our Facebook page, find us at DiamondsEquineRenvyle or click on our Bureau buttons on the website.

Ponys for sale

Throughout the year we sell first-rate ponies that are crushed and coached to the highest local standards here in Renvyle, Connemara. At the Connemara Pony Show in Clifden Kimble was the first stallion to won the Supreme Championship category. Recently the stud farm was also home to the oldest Connemara pony race - a offspring of "Callagh Rebel".

Connemara Ponies is specialized in the education of Connemara Ponies for the Italian, Swedish, British and European markets. Are you looking for high qualitiy service ponies, then please call us. Previously available titles included "Shannon Comet", who was a young Italian Championship rider, and "Menlo Boy", who finished second at the Kings Cup in Sweden in May 2012.

? The " Yes to Karrots " Prince Carl Philips Award in Sweden, 2014. The Menlo Flyer, Maamturk Boy (Sweden), Tobar King (UK) to name but a few. There is a long history of championship ponies all over Europe. Try your bangs in our large indoor stadium before you make up your mind which one to buy.

We invite you to browse our unique Connemara Ponies site, where we sell first-rate Connemara ponies all year round, crushed and coached to the highest local standards here at Renvyle. You can also see our ponies on Facebook.

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