Ponies for Sale in Oklahoma

Ponys for sale in Oklahoma

You can find your new horse or pony in our Oklahoma horse sales ads. The farm was born when I bought two pet minis for my grandchildren. Hackney pony sale or trade. Hackney - Oklahoma City, OK. Moving very forward and a little buddy pissed off, but will all drive.

Stallions, imports, sport horses, horses for sale and stallions in the stud.

Walisian ponies at the heavenly Welsh pony farm

Many Welsh ponies: story, pictures, ponies for sale and at the farm. Breeder of Welsh Championberg ponies. Import, ponies for sale and studs at the Gestüt. The Heavenly Welsh Pony Farm L.L.C. All photographs and related materials are protected by copyright © 1999-2018. L.L.C. or others not mentioned here.

Rollingwoods Farm - Quality Welsh Ponies

There was one nurse who had a vision and two nurses were absorbed and now three nurses are having a great holiday! Rollingwood's farm began with the dreams of Ruth Wilburn DVM to make a beautiful bangs with good physical abilities and a good spirit. Rollingwoods and their two daughters Joanna Wilburn and Sally Ross Davis soon began to specialise in purebred and part-bred Welsh ponies.

Hopefully you'll like our ponies. Careful, we're always ready to discuss ponies. No matter if you want to beat the fighters, drive or just own a good quality fringe, we will be honoured that you are considering a Rollingwood. Rollingwood's ponies in their practice modes. Many children ride on ponies, dog steal sandwiches and grown-ups appreciate the ambience of the "smell of the barn"!

Stallions and Pony Mares

NOTE - I have always liked all races of horse and Ponies and some of my best childhood recollections were the children next door and our Ponies and Horse..... Over the years I've reared a few ponies.... and especially since my daugther began riding ponies in 2015... my interest and esteem for ponies and their beautiful qualities has a special place in my hearts and in our life.....

So...... we have added several new stud ponies and brood ponies to our line. Now we will also be offering holders of Sony Mars the possibility to raise our well reared horse horses with our well reared horse performers. Everything can now be done safe with artificial insemination! Sells most of our ponies due to drought and herd reductions.

If possible, ponies must be collected immediately. All ponies or ponies that have been bought but not yet collected can be entered here until they are collected. Board - $8/day per fringe, $10/day per year/horse. 18.08.9, Duncan, OK "Quarter Pony" probably maturing for 14 hours? mother Feathers IQPA, half-Walisian reign. Custom Made" we can provide Click here to see all the studs in the farm.

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