Ponies for Sale ni

Ponys for sale ni

Horse for sale / for rent in Northern Irelandublic Group of Companies My dreams are a crèmello or pearlino stud, they are available for money terms, exchange for good grade D.D. stud or stud, warm blood with good paperwork, non paying should they stay with me until they have payed off, they are in Northern Ireland, near Belfast, UK.

Praline GF, 16.2hh 17 years old general ledger Oldenburger Halomino breeding...are, she had 3 colts, 1 colt, 1 gelding and 1 fillies, birth 2018, she is still in foal. One and a half years later she had a sprained ankle joint, which is now anything but good, that she is a sound dam, she got good legs, lived around the clock without any problems, was outside last year due to a heavy wind and she pretended that nothing had ever occurred.

Chocolate GF's fillies also for sale Nautia Cattleya GF, expected 17hhh she grows fast, bred on 25 April 2018, she is a double of Chocolate GF, she is KWPN'A' papstered colt, she has astonishing movements, she is a proud fillial, very kind, hardly timid, used to horses, she will be a win for breed program and all-round sports horses.

By Alasdair GF she is out of my filly Praline GF, which I bought in 2017 and import from Germany.

Horse & Ponies, for sale in Northern Ireland

It is the brand of the pre-loveed brand with a symbolic balloon in the shape of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts icon carved from the centre. Words'Preloved' are displayed along the logotype trade name, which is the logotype trade name'Preloved', showing a sign in the form of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts sign carved from the centre.

Words "Preloved" are displayed below the logotype.

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