Ponies for Sale nz

Ponys for sale nz

You can find riding ponies for sale in Australia. Horse Deals has many quality riding ponies for sale in Australia. Ponys Horses & Ponies Listing in'Ponies' Listing a...

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12/13 years old, 11.2hh (self measured) solide, walisian x mares for sale. Her children have had a lot of pleasure on this cute little fringe for centuries, she has had thousand of kilometres put on her and she has been subjected to many different conditions and does not squint her eyes.

She is a great leader pure bred every summers, she has many non-horses/beginners riding her and doing her jobs to perfection, she has a handful of children taking care of her and she is not disturbed. It follows lightly when it is guided, and can be guided by another horses or motorcycles etc (that's what it did to us). It would also fit an older kid or self-confident novice as a first riding fringe or flawless second fringe from the leash.

Before she lived with us 4 years ago, her whole career was no longer in the vanguard and she was riddled by an 8-year-old male. Last summers she taught a self-confident 10-year-old young woman how to horsebackwalk, how to give her self-confidence and how to give her a passion for it. She' s on the move and needs a competent home, because in the past she was known for pinching when she is not betrayed, she gives many warnings about what she thinks, so easily to stop, one snarl is enough.

Unemployed at the moment, but no problems to get back in, climb up and drive away. So I have video's etc. of her that have been rode at home as well as at shows for serious interested people at and from the top.

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