Pony Blankets for Winter

Winter Pony Blankets

The right preparation for the harsh winter weather conditions is a lot of work. Pony Stable Snuggie Quilt. Moderately heavy winter pony rug.

Blankets and bed linen - Schneider's

The pony stall blankets and watertight switches provide unrivalled winter cover for the pony and young horse. For younger stallions and stallions, different cover size is needed to get the best possible shape and ride and Schneiders has a wide range of high end pony blankets and sheets that will ensure a great fitting for your pony.

This pony blankets are not only available in smaller size, but also in different fit to meet the pony's individuality. It offers the same qualities and unbelievable performances as full-size horse blankets, which include waterproofing, breathability and pressure-free back and wither.

Plus, when you buy with Schneiders, you get incredibly low rates on all pony blankets and free delivery on orders of $100 or more. To our pony blankets belong soft blankets, light-weight panels and stall blankets. Some models are equipped with poly-fill isolation to keep your pony dry during the winter season, others are light and have a light weight pony liner to keep your pony's fur clear and sheeny.

Pony switch blankets that are watertight, wind-proof and breatheable are also available. Each of our pony barn blankets is equipped with V-Free pressure-free crutch or trimback designs to find the right shape for your pony, and these models also help to reduce the amount of friction and uncomfort.

Our whole range offers shelter for all weathers and climates and offers unrivalled, cutting-edge functions to meet a multitude of requirements. Like our other blankets, Schneider's pony blankets and blankets are available in various dimensions. There are many that allow you to select your favorite body mass when you select the right pony height, and you can always select your own favorite colour to adjust the rug to the remainder of your drawing purposes.

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