Pony Driving Harness

pony-riding harness

Harnesses for your Mini, Pony, Arabian and thoroughbred horse. Leather Weaver Working Tack Pony Tom Thumb Bridle. A lightweight harness with a chest collar. The TORY LEATHER Pony harness. These leather harnesses have nickel hardware.

Their Reitsportgescheschäft for the drivers and the British riders

Ranging from the most attractive display harness made of patina to the latest innovation of the maintenance-free EuroTech plastic harness. The harness size ranges from minis (=VSE) to draught horses. Most of our 4,200 items are always in store for next days shipment! Please have a look at and see our rates, because we want to show that top qualitiy and great rates go together!

You' re always welcome to come and see us, but take a look at our timetable, because we could be near you with our new 53" long Store on Wheels, which is fully stocked with our goods! While our renowned range of risers and harness parts are our key product, we have much more for the pilot and the British rider: bites, metal parts, pins, skirts, rugs, seat straps, floggers and much more!

Sled harness

All of our bakery produce has high qualities and trends in common. All of our bakery produce. Driving with the trolley makes high requirements, so the high standards of our vehicles are our top priorities. Working with the best domestic and foreign riders to develop our product. Driver's driving gear, from riders.

For each coachman we manufacture top of the range straps. A harness designed for a specific sport or a combined harness can be selected. You can select the color you like best for all of these harnesses: check our website and find out more about the different types of harness we make.

To buy your new harness, please contact one of our retailers. If you are a coach driver, we would be happy to tell you everything about our harness.

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Please click on the images in the Ride Desk section below: Professionally hands-on driving skills and expertise to help and share: The choice of the best harness, coach or coach riding equipment to meet your needs and your budgets can be a little of my area, whether you are an experienced coachman or new to the game.

You are not sure what the name of a car or harness part is or how it works! Many of the traditional fathers to sons have lost hands-on experience, know-how and craftsmen of the workhorse and coach with the rise of the motor and the passage of generation, but in these days of modernity around the globe there is a revival of workhorses and coach driving both as a pastime and as a sports activity consumed by tens of thousands.

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