Pony Driving Harness for Sale

ponies harness for sale

Comfy Fit Harness Lonely and Homeless. Nice carriage for amusement shows, picnics and coaching. Cob () (Pony) Driving Horse nylon harness for heavy duty use. We have everything from deluxe show dishes to plastic dishes. It is also used for commercial carriage rides.

Bio-Thane harness for draught horse, horse, mule, pony & mini-horse

Thinking about Biothane Harness, Bravo for you! There is no end to the opportunities when buying a new harness, which makes it easier to overtax yourself with optional extras. We' ll be happy to help you find the right harness for your needs. Harness driving Options to consider, but not restricted to:

Chest plate or collar and hames fashion? Buggy, driving or farm styling? Version: Glossy (patent look) or matt (matt)? Stroller or farm type? Leathernecklaces: High Grain, Split Grain, Pat? Maultier-Like? Rectilinear, V-style, low V-style, split chest? As most of us, you have harness and tacks, it works, it's nice, traditionalistic' requiring it, like some rule books.

Expenditure on the care of your harness is just one of the reasons to change to Biothane Harness. The Biothane has been used in the horse racing sector since 1977. Partry Harness & Tack was one of the first firms associated with Bioplastics, the creators of Biothane. Similar " Biothane are manufactured in China, Australia and here in the USA.

Whoever you decide for your new harness insists on Authentic, USA made Biothane. Please use the measurement guidelines below to help us make the harness that's right for you.


That was in Australia in the early 60s. The race harness was already manufactured since 1963, so that the know-how was already available at the beginning of the series. The first harness was not just in Australia, but also in Great Britain. The high points of the company's history were the relocation of the plant to New Zealand in 1982, the creation of tailor-made factories in Asia around 2002 and the collaboration with the harness design expert Fiona Tedman in the UK.

You will find information on the various harness components in the following catalogues.

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