Pony Foals for Sale

Filly Pony for sale

There are foals, prospects and mature Welsh ponies and Welsh crosses. Quality ponies from our breeding program are for sale. Dragon Pony Acres The sale is an unbelievable group of horses whose genealogical trees are like the Who's Who of Section B Welsh Pony World...

.. Please click here to see the latest pony list. By 2015 we were selling over thirty very well-bred, beautiful Welsh Pony through an astonishing online sale with Sporthorseauctions.comThis was the beginning of many changes here at the game.

This farmhouse has been transformed into a succesful holiday home ~The Evans Family - Live the World. Almost Forward to Fall 2018 - We have a small group of very impressing Welsh elites and some crossings for sale. As well as our home-bred horses, we have top of the range horses from other companies, even importing livestock.

For many years, our pons have been successfully imported and reared to make the Evans Pony, a name long known for wonderful, well-bred horses with outstanding pedigree. In the USA and Canada our Ponys have proven themselves very well. You won the pony finals and were sold to Australia.

It is also important that they are the ultimative pony for families and children, which gives great and small pleasure to their owner. We have been dealing with the Welsh Pony for over thirty years and it is our great pleasure and our prerogative. Over the years our horses have given us a great deal of pleasure.

We' re in the NE area of Oregon near Joseph. Now we offer you the exceptional possibility to enjoy the genuine pleasures that characterize this house and this area. Situated on eighty lovely hectares two leagues from the target city of Joseph, Oregon, the three-bedroom house is available as a holiday home.

Evans Farms is also available as Wallowa Countyding Venue. Click here to find out more about the apartment and here to go to the website of the location. Unparalleled property in NE Oregon. Are you looking for a certain pony, family tree, colour, height?

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