Pony Harness

Fringes harness

LEATHER WESTERN PONY BLACK LEATHER DRAWN SINGLE TRIP PARADE CAR SHOW BRASS TABLEWARE. You will find harnesses suitable for miniponies up to draught horses made of bioplastics, granite and leather! Training Harness is handmade with Russet Harness leather in a beautiful chocolate color. Like To Harness And Hook A Pony. Comfort Fit harness for miniature horses and ponies.

Robust 1-leather harness

Amazing dishes for a great prize! As I didn't expect much from the product because I bought the cheapest tableware I could find (without having to buy nylon), I was very welcome! It' going to be a great harness for my pony to use and misuse while we are learning the cords of riding.

It' s perfect for him, which I didn't expect, because he has a small pony figure with a piston-sized tip and I expected to have to buy a bigger scale just to blend and adjust it, but no, everything about this harness is great! This harness is not recommended for hard use or a show ring, but for riding in the neighbourhood it is good to go.

I am the pictures I have attached the harness to myself because we are still on the floor and it is not yet attached to a car.

Second-hand dishes - Patty's Pony Place

It is a harness that I assemble from parts of the harness that are sent to me. It' got a fringing made out of cowhide, for which I made a new headband and a noseband. It has brown leathers. I made the Giga seat from genuine leathers, but I also made all the new belts from my strap, because the leathers were shredded.

I made the buckle fit from padded lether, and I made two new waistbelts for it. Breastplate is new - and new. In addition, on the picture below, I have made two tugboats for the breeches, so that they can be used as chest harness or with full throat.

When you go collars and lame stile - you get the brief tug and the track coat hanger, but NO collars OR the breastplate. For BOTH - the cost is $650 NO CLOLLAR in both prices.

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