Pony Harness parts

Harness Pony Parts

The trapezoidal parts can be manufactured in miniature and pony sizes. Harness Parts & Accessories Show. Some other essential leather harness parts. Miniature synthetic horse and pony harness style.

The harness has no D on the back cushion for the cart loop.

Harness Pony Parts

The harness parts can be manufactured in miniature and pony size. Some of the most frequent parts are listed below. An articulated rein joint "untangles" your rein and keeps the curvature straight and the rein together. There is no buckling at the ends of the rein due to the dual whirl of the clasps. An articulated rein joint "untangles" your rein and keeps the curvature straight.

There is a strap between the end of the bay and the clasp of your reigns. Splice now also available in smaller tracksize! Purely spliced now also available in smaller reignsizes! Is used in a spare parts set in case a reign is broken. Wonderful harness for covering every plastic harness. The fences are constructed to match your horses.

The fences are designed to match your pony or pony. It is useful for small animals and pony with small eyes and for animals that like to grind their pack. Setting variables: Thin-size - 6"-7.5"; Pony - 6.75"-8"; Equine - 8.5"-10" Synthetic reins offer a firmer oral feeling than leathers, as they do not expand like them.

Reddish redbrown rein is a tradition and suitable for riding. mini - 10' x 5/8" pony - 12' x 5/8" horse - 14' x 3/4" other dimensions and breadths on request.

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Bowman's Pony Show Harness is made with excellent workmanship and love of detail. Linen has round front parts with 3/4" palm parts; bridle has low arched lacquer louvres with round edges at the collar and front over-check. Featuring reddish pat and nose straps; girth with non-slip padding and quilted security belt; martingale with round lacquered fork; top calf with lacquered top with glossy top, tuffed padding and C-hook;

The Hitch is made in the traditional franchise look with genuine round tracks, a patented chest belt, a patented 3/4 " broad track; an outstanding blend of craftmanship and value for every show ring!

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