Pony Hoof Boots


Original Easyboot sz Pony-2- Pony & Horse Hoof Shoes Original Easyboot hoof shoe for one pony size 2 hoof. For thirty years Easyboot has been the leader in the world. Easy boots offer hoof protectors, grip and shock absorption for casual and long rides, while the horses can walk barefooted at all other periods. It adapts to the hoof, is lightweight and lasts longer than conventional footwear.

Easyboots can be used as an alternate fitting, as a protective cover over your boots or as a replacement tyre when a rider looses a boot. They are also perfect for hoof deer, founders, abcesses and other hoof-related illness.

Pony Shetland Hoof Shoes

The Mcleod Creek Easter aka Radar is an 8 year old Canadian traditional Shetland. He' s 40 years old, has the largest and largest hearts and never rejects a new venture, says his teammate Bridget Simon. The Bridget and Radar are based in Alberta, Canada and participate in regular combination rides, speed rides and marathons.

For three years Bridget was looking for boots to fit radar. They like to push the limits as a group and often ride off-road where most quad bikes don't even go. While Bridget and Radar tried a variety of brands and styles without great results, they found the Equine Fusion All TERRACE boots and their quest was over.

During their first year they tested the four boot set: pebbles, sands, cliffs, gras, water and paving. This made Bridget so lucky because the boots didn't get twisted or undressed and Radar liked how comfy they were, which gave him self-assurance about all kinds of terrains.

Bridget acquired another full four-terrain jogging shoe pack as soon as winter came and this year, she also acquired the studio pack. She never felt safe riding on snow like she does with the rivets in her boots, Bridget said. You also use the cleat boots when additional tractive power is needed on damp gras.

While some may think the jogging boots are costly, adding the price of metallic boots and backsets actually makes them cheaper. The boots also help to minimize vibrations and provide additional tractive power. At the end of the year, Bridget was a pleasant surprise when she noticed that the boots had very little abrasion, considering the mileage they had put on.

Here is a selection of video clips that Bridget has been kind enough to provide to show radar in his All Terrain jogging shoes. Note how confident radar is on the road even on rough dirt tracks. See more pictures of Team Radar, Shetland Pony Extrodinanaire!

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